I Never Want to be a Younger Brother Again Chapter 3

First not locked chapter on JJWXC haha. For people newer to Chinese light novels, that means there is no smexy or ‘inappropriate’ content. Excuse my lateness *cough cough* that’s why I never set a translation schedule anyways mwahaha! Just kidding, school starting has me a little busy but I’ll try to be updating more regularly.

You can read chapter 3 here (´꒳`)

Characters: 3021


About I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist

So I previously began translating this novel a few years ago on another WordPress site before realizing that I did not enjoy reading the later arcs of IQ like I thought I would. Combined with some extenuating life circumstances, I chose to drop the novel. I’ve been meaning to take the WordPress site I used down for a while so I am transferring the chapters I translated to On the Corner of Books and Stuff so readers who enjoy IQ will not lose the first arc of the light novel.

So welcome to I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist


I Never Want to be a Younger Brother Again Chapter 1

Hello! Thank you for joining me for my first serious translation project! Younger Brother is one of my all time favorite light novels. I’m a huge Chinese enthusiast who took Chinese classes in high school and am currently minoring in Chinese at uni with an ultimate goal of reading danmei in its original language. However I am not a native Chinese speaker so just like how I’ve read Younger Brother multiple times through MTL I will also be also be translating through a combination of a little Chinese foundation and a lot of MTL.

You can read chapter 1 here \(^o^)/

Characters: 4225

TL time: Approx 10 hours


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