IQ Chapter 10

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Chapter 1.10

It was the first time for both Su Yu and Chu Cheng Yan to go to an amusement park. En-route they studiously poured over the amusement park map, determining the order of attractions to ride to maximize stamina

First ride the Ferris wheel, then the roller coaster, then the carousel, then the pirate ship, then the haunted house, then the free fall, then the rapids… To sum it up, it alternating intense rides with relaxing ones.

However, when the two of them sat quietly on the Ferris wheel, they realized that they hadn’t thought through things carefully enough.

Two fully grown men actually rode the Ferris wheel together. The picture was so frickin’ beautiful that people couldn’t bear to look at it. Even the staff who helped them lock the door looked at them strangely like they were mentally diseased patients.

Fortunately, the two’s psyches were very formidable. From the very beginning Chu Cheng Yan had been wearing his cold president’s aura and nothing could be seen in his face. Su Yu, on the other hand, was even more calm. He watched the world grow smaller as the small glass carriage rose higher into the air. In the end, Su Yu’s sight landed on Chu Cheng Yan who was staring intently at him. “Cousin, this is also your first time riding a Ferris wheel, right?”

“Use my name,” Chu Cheng Yan was very serious in correcting Su Yu.

Su Yu did not really care what he called Chu Cheng Yan. He only called him “Cousin” because it had become a habit and Su Yu was too lazy to change it. Shrugging it off, Su Yu repeated himself, “Okay. Chu Cheng Yan, this is also your first time riding a Ferris wheel, right?”

“En,” Chu Cheng Yan was satisfied and finally willing to enjoy the view outside. When they were nearing the top, almost inadvertently Chu Cheng Yan opened his mouth to ask a question, “I’ve heard that when you’re at the top of a Ferris wheel, you can make a wish and it’ll come true. Do you want to try it?”

“How old am I? How can these kinds of things still be done?” Su Yu was amused by Chu Cheng Yan’s childish notion and couldn’t help but tease him. “And are you sure it’s about making a wish? Isn’t it that couples are supposed to kiss when they reach the peak and they will be together forever?”

“Really?” Chu Cheng Yan eyes earnestly held Su Yu’s own. It seemed like he was very interested in the answer to this question.

Su Yu was slightly stunned by Chu Cheng Yan’s enthusiasm and could only back down with a smile, “I haven’t tried it before either, so how could I know?”

“Then you…” Chu Cheng Yan continued to stare into Su Yu’s eyes. His throat trembled as Chu Cheng Yan swallowed slightly, “Do you want to try it?”

Chu Cheng Yan’s words made Su Yu’s eyes widened as he almost choked. At this moment, the carriage the men were riding had made it to the peak. Before Su Yu had a chance to respond, Chu Cheng Yan’s tall and broad figure leaned over and filled Su Yu’s sight.

The Ferris wheel carriage shook. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. Su Yu recovered from his earlier shock and saw Chu Cheng Yan’s face looming closer and closer. Seeing those deep and steady eyes staring into his own, the tension in the Ferris wheel carriage was almost palpable.

Su Yu knew that he had enough time to avoid the kiss. He could have pushed Chu Cheng Yan away but for some reason he couldn’t move.

Su Yu subconsciously clenched his fists, his lips raising slightly, and he watched as Chu Cheng Yan’s thin lips gently fell adhering to his own, their breath entwining.

The carriage which had risen to the top began to slowly fall down again. A kiss on a Ferris wheel between lovers made as an unspoken oath to be together forever.

As Chu Cheng Yan backed away, his eyes were still locked on Su Yu’s lips in a daze.

Su Yu blinked and covered his mouth in shame. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Why did you kiss me?”

Chu Cheng Yan was silent for a while before answering, “Because I also like you.”

Su Yu was not surprised by Chu Cheng Yan’s confession. His EQ is too high to believe that Chu Cheng Yan would kiss Su Yu if he didn’t like him. But still, why did Chu Cheng Yan say “also” like?!

Well, the answer to this question is already quite obvious. But talking about origin of the feelings is not exactly a necessity. There are some things after all, like a freshly fallen sheet of snow, that must not be touched to appear beautiful.

So in this situation, Su Yu plans to use his IQ to make up for the shortcomings of his EQ and pretend to understand Chu Cheng Yan’s words.

Unfortunately, before the pair had time to say anything else, Chu Cheng Yan’s cellphone rang. Su Yu could only sigh and bow his head towards the inappropriate timing.

Chu Cheng Yan was equally depressed. Black lines covered his face as Assistant Jiang’s call broke the ambiguous atmosphere.

Picking up the call, Assistant Jiang’s worried voice immediately filled the carriage, “President, I’m so sorry! It was under my watch that such a thing happened…”

Chu Cheng Yan also felt like he deserved an apology from Assistant Jiang. He actually had the courage to call him right as he was confessing to his beloved. However, Assistant Jiang’s apology is obviously not aimed towards this matter.

Due to his agitation, Chu Cheng Yan’s voice was colder than usual as he replied, “What happened?”

“President Chu, half an hour ago Jiang Yue Yue was hanging around the office as I left to use the restroom. While I was gone, she slipped into your office and tried to steal confidential company information. Luckily, I returned in time and caught her and so there was no actual loss,” Assistant Jiang finished speaking in one breath and sighed in relief.

Chu Cheng Yan frowned, “Where is she right now?”

Although Su Yu couldn’t hear the conversation, he still had the almighty ball. Tapping into the call, Su Yu also frowned. It seemed Zhao He and Jiang Yue Yue were still too naive. They even thought that stealing company secrets would be an easy matter. They were really looking for a fight.

“President Chu can rest assured that Jiang Yue Yue has been detained and all communication devices on her person have been confiscated.”

Even though it was only an ordinary employee who trespassed in the President’s office, if Assistant Jiang did not deal with the follow-up properly, then he could only wait to be fired.

“This matter is too big for my authority to deal with. President please help pass down the verdict.”

Hearing that the company did not actually suffer any losses, Chu Cheng Yan was not overly strict with Assistant Jiang. Glancing over at Su Yu, Chu Cheng Yan hesitated.

Su Yu, who wanted to continue playing in the amusement park, did not know whether to laugh or cry at the drooping puppy dog eyes looking at him and could only take the initiative to offer a compromise, “I’ll go with you. It’s more important to deal with business matters first.”

Getting Su Yu’s promise, Chu Cheng Yan immediately perked up and spoke into the receiver, “I’ll be over in less than an hour.”

Half an hour later, Su Yu and Chu Cheng Yan arrived at the company. Jiang Yue Yue was sitting in the waiting room outside the President’s office. Her face was pale and with her puffy red eyes, it was obvious that she had been crying.

After seeing the two men walk in, Jiang Yue Yue was stunned before running to Chu Cheng Yan’s side and hugging his arm. Tears falling, she opened her mouth to speak, “President, you have to believe me! I really didn’t…”

Chu Cheng Yan yanked his arm away with disgust and froze Jiang Yue Yue with a icy glare. Too intimidated to speak, Jiang Yue Yue stood in the middle of the room silently shedding tears.

Prior to Chu Cheng Yan’s arrival, Assistant Jiang had already explained the entire situation to him in detail. He had even sent the President the security footage of Jiang Yue Yue sneaking into his office. So even if Jiang Yue Yue were to jump into the Yellow River, she still wouldn’t be able to wash herself clean.

Chu Cheng Yan looked cold as he sat on the couch opposite Jiang Yue Yue. Seeing Su Yu still standing in the entryway, he beckoned, “Come sit.”

Su Yu actually couldn’t wait for the show to start, but since this incident involved confidential information of Chu Cheng Yan’s company, he still pretended to hesitate.

So receiving Chu Cheng Yan’s invitation, he immediately ran over and plopped himself down next to his man.

Jiang Yue Yue’s tearful gaze swept between Chu Cheng Yan and Su Yu. Several times it looked like she wanted to speak but reluctantly held back. Tears swimming in her eyes, she looked more and more pitiful.

“You don’t need to put on this show of being a victim. I will give you an opportunity to explain yourself later,” Chu Cheng Yan frowned. He waited until Jiang Yue Yue’s eyes brightened with hope before mercilessly continuing.

“I have already seen the security footage from both outside the office as well as the internal cameras. At 9:21 AM you started loitering around my office. At 9:46 AM Assistant Jiang left the office. You proceeded to rush into the office and rummaged around my desk for 5 minutes and 43 seconds before hurriedly leaving the office. Do you have any objections to these statements?”

Jiang Yue Yue was so surprised by Chu Cheng Yan’s opening spiel, that she even forgot to cry for a time. It seemed that she completely failed to comprehend what Chu Cheng Yan had said.

At this moment, Chu Cheng Yan displayed his extreme patience. He did not directly accuse Jiang Yue Yue of theft nor did he rush her to speak. He only waited with a cold face. Just like he promised, he was giving Jiang Yue Yue a chance to explain.

However, in Jiang Yue Yue’s eyes, this was blatant bullying. Chu Cheng Yan had the entire incident accurately recorded down to the seconds! How did he want her to explain it like this? What could she even say?

Su Yu squinted at Chu Cheng Yan and could not help but chuckle. It was the first time he had discovered that this ice block President Chu also had a “bad” side.

This kind of mischievous Chu Cheng Yan, en, it also was a bit adorable.

Jiang Yue Yue finally recovered her wits from Chu Cheng Yan’s dilemma but she could say nothing in the face of ironclad evidence except cry with a sulking face.

Chu Cheng Yan was utterly disgusted by Jiang Yue Yue. She was the one who committed a crime yet still had the face to cry and sulk like a victim.

“Since you have nothing to say, then I won’t prolong this. Let’s talk about how to resolve this matter. In order to ensure everything is dealt with fairly, I intend to bring this case straight to the judicial system. What do you think?”

Immediately, Jiang Yue Yue’s crying halted. Although the humiliation she was feeling had brought her dangerously close to collapsing, she had not completely lost her ability to think. If this incident is really brought to court, then how can she possibly live?

“Don’t!” Jiang Yue Yue shouted. The flustered woman’s voice shook as she pleaded, “Please don’t do this. If you really take this to court then my life will be finished!”

“If I’m not mistaken, you are an adult right? Being so old, you’re telling me that you still don’t know that you are responsible for your own actions?”

Facing Jiang Yue Yue, this green tea bitch, Chu Cheng Yan did not feel the slightest trace of pity. He only felt an increasing amount of relief that he was no longer blind and falling in love with this kind of person.

If Su Yu knew what Chu Cheng Yan was thinking he would have certainly corrected him: You are only lacking IQ. Please don’t blame it on your innocent eyes.

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