IQ Chapter 11

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Chapter 1.11

Jiang Yue Yue started crying even more noisily. At this point, she was too panicked to think about anything else. Half kneeling in front of Chu Cheng Yan, she begged and chokingly pleaded, “I know it was wrong. Really, I already know it was wrong. I won’t dare do it again! I beg you to let me go!”

Chu Cheng Yan was ready to continue verbally abusing Jiang Yue Yue when he looked over and saw Su Yu watching him. Opening his mouth, Chu Cheng Yan said, “So how do you think we should resolve this matter?”

“I…” Jiang Yue Yue thought that Su Yu would definitely take the initiative to help her due to his help last time. Reached over to clasp his hands with tears sparkling in her eyes, Jiang Yue Yue looked at Su Yu with a trace of gratitude while inside her heart was burning with jealousy, “I will fix it. I will definitely work hard in the future to repay the President’s generosity.”

Chu Cheng Yan’s face darkened as he stared at their clasped hands. He was severely regretting giving this shameless woman a chance to speak and hold Su Yu’s hands. Even he hadn’t had a chance to hold Su Yu’s hands and yet Jiang Yue Yue dared!

Su Yu was tempted to laugh at Jiang Yue Yue’s idiocy. Smoothly pulling his hands away, Su Yu spoke with a hint of mocking surprise, “After all this happened, you still have the face to want to work here? Who gave you this courage? It seems you still do not realize just how serious a crime you have committed.”

“I…” Jiang Yue Yue blinked lost for words. She really didn’t know how to justify herself. She could only mutter in a low voice, “But my behavior didn’t bring about any real loss to the company and I won’t do such a thing again. Isn’t this fine?”

This time Su Yu could not control himself. He burst out laughing. Facing Jiang Yue Yue’s behavior and logic, even he found himself speechless.

But remembering his purpose of interrogating her, Su Yu slowly recovered. Wiping tears from the corner of his eye, Su Yu gave this live comedy show a “like” in his mind. Definitely not boring.

Seriously facing Jiang Yue Yue once more, he curiously asked about her motive. “I’m really curious. Why did you try to steal trade secrets? Don’t you know this action is illegal?”

Being asked this question, Jiang Yue Yue eyes lit up briefly before dimming. She bit her lip and refused to answer clearly hiding something.

“Alright, never mind. I was trying to help you lighten your sentencing but since you don’t want to say anything, forget it.”

Obviously he was scamming her, but Su Yu twisted his words into concern for the other party. Su Yu looked at Jiang Yue Yu with pity, sighing in regret, “Except, this way you will be taking full responsibility. And the consequences? You can only bear them alone.”

Jiang Yue Yue blinked twice, the internal struggle clearly showing in her eyes. Su Yu was not in a hurry. He patiently waited for her to come to a decision.

After a long period of time, Jiang Yue Yue hesitantly asked, “If…If other people were involved in this incident as well, will you also punish him?”

Su Yu is perfectly clear on who the “other people” Jiang Yue Yue mentioned are but intentionally plays her anyways, “If the other party is also a company employee then they must be punished just like you.”

“And if they are not an employee?” Jiang Yue Yue looked towards the closet hopefully.

Su Yu made a show tapping his chin with slender fingers before replying uncertainly, “If they are not an employee, then naturally they would not be punished by internal company regulations.”

Seeing the look of subterfuge on Su Yu’s face Chu Cheng Yan immediately backed him up, “If they are not an employee, then the company does not possess the rights to deal with them directly.”

After listening to both men speaking their piece, Jiang Yue Yue’s gaze became firm as she made her decision. She turned to the cold face of Chu Cheng Yan and taking courage said, “This issue… Someone else ordered me to do it.”

“Someone else ordered you? Is this true?” Su Yu raised his brows obviously not trusting a word Jiang Yue Yue said. “Miss Jiang, you cannot just randomly claim someone else was involved just because I said it would lighten your sentencing.”

With her character under suspicion, Jiang Yue Yue righteously shook her head, “I did not! This is really something that someone else ordered me to do. And he is not an employee in the company but my b…my boyfriend.”

“Your boyfriend? What does this incident suddenly have to do with your boyfriend?” Su Yu smiled and cackled in his heart but his face was very earnest and serious.

Jiang Yue Yue paused for another moment and shyly watched Chu Cheng Yan’s reaction out of the corner of her eye. Seeing nothing, she reluctantly resigned herself and sighed, “I don’t know why he said I must do this for him, but he said that he would break up with me if I didn’t do it. I really didn’t want to…”

“Do you have proof?” Having achieved his aim, Su Yu no longer bothered to conceal his emotions and grinned.

Seeing Su Yu grinning, Jiang Yue Yue finally realized something was wrong. Unable to pinpoint exactly what, she could only forge ahead, “What I said was absolutely true!”

Su Yu nodded and turned to Chu Cheng Yan. Blinking slyly he opened his mouth, “I’ll leave the rest to you, Cousin.”

Chu Cheng Yan lifted his hand and rubbed Su Yu’s head with a hint of tenderness in his gaze: “Good.”

Jiang Yue Yue watched the cousins interact as the feeling of wrongness caused her anxiety to continuously climb.

The next moment, her anxiety was justified.

Chu Cheng Yan looked at Jiang Yue Yue and ruthlessly destroyed her hopes, “Since the account of the thief has now been personally verified and recorded, let’s take the case to court.”

Jiang Yue Yue blinked furiously, her whole person in shock. Angrily she jumped up, “You…How can you do something like this!”

Chu Cheng Yan is not willing to waste one more second on Jiang Yue Yue and naturally called Assistant Jiang to remove the offending person from his sight.

Being completely disregarded by Chu Cheng Yan, Jiang Yue Yue can only turn towards Su Yu and tearfully plead, “Didn’t you say before, that as long as I tell the truth, you would reduce my responsibility?”

“A confession really does reduce the crime, however, it does not change the fact that you infiltrated the President’s office to steal company secrets. That responsibility can not be avoided.” Su Yu raised his eyebrows and kindly helped Jiang Yue Yue disperse her confusion.

“But don’t worry, you can rest assured that your boyfriend will join you at the trial.”

Jiang Yue Yue was paralyzed again. Not only did these words not comfort her, they made her cry even harder. “Didn’t you say that because Ah He is not an employee that you couldn’t take action against him?”

Finally reacting to the other party’s teasing expression, Jiang Yue Yue was both angry and sad. Crying, she gritted her teeth and stared at Su Yu with loathing. “You were lying to me from the very beginning! How can you be so shameless!”

“I didn’t lie to you,” Su Yu shrugged and smiled innocently revealing two rows of pearly white teeth. “Your boyfriend will not be punished by the company. However, before the law everyone is equal thus he also will have to stand trial. Do you understand?”

Thinking of how she was about to be fired and even arrested, then imagining Zhao He’s reaction when he found out she had been deceived into giving his name, Jiang Yue Yue didn’t even have time to express her resentment towards Su Yu before she burst into tears. Her face collapsed at the realization of the upcoming breakup.

When people are desperate, their explosive power is often astonishing. Assistant Jiang had already come in with security guards. Jiang Yue Yue did not know where the courage came from but she suddenly jumped from away from the guards and ran over to cling onto Chu Cheng Yan’s slacks.

“President Chu, I know I’ve done wrong! I beg you to spare me this time. I beg you! As long as you’re willing to let me go, you can do anything you want with me!”

Chu Cheng Yan’s face turned dark and he subconsciously turned his head slightly to gauge Su Yu’s reaction. Seeing the gloating expression on Su Yu’s face, he realized that Su Yu was not dissatisfied at all nor did he plan on helping him. Chu Cheng Yan’s face completely turned black.

Jiang Yue Yue thought the reason Chu Cheng Yan was silent was because his heart was softening and took advantage of the moment to continue speaking, “I…I know that President Chu is fond of me. I can immediately breakup with Zhao He. As long as the President is willing to let me go, I’ll do anything you want me to!”

This last sentence was way too ambiguous. Without waiting for Su Yu’s reaction any further, Chu Cheng Yan yanked his leg away and ordered Assistant Jiang to drag Jiang Yue Yue away.

As soon as the security guards’ hands touched her, Jiang Yue Yue began to scream and struggle fiercely in an attempt to continue holding onto Chu Cheng Yan. Suddenly, Su Yu who had been quiet this entire time, opened his mouth and slowly drawled, “Wait a moment.”

Chu Cheng Yan stared at Su Yu’s face and felt an inexplicable surge of guilt. Unable to explain the situation clearly in front of Assistant Jiang, he could only open his mouth to try and wash himself clean, “Ah Zheng, I…”

Just as soon as Chu Cheng Yan began to speak, Su Yu interrupted him with a glance. Chu Cheng Yan could only sigh in his heart and stare pathetically at Su Yu.

Jiang Yue Yue, who was being dragged out of the office, felt like she heard the voice of angels and a hint of hope flared in her swollen eyes.

Su Yu slowly stepped towards Jiang Yue Yue until the two of them were in embarrassingly close proximity. He looked Jiang Yue Yue up and down with a supercilious expression before asking in a smiling voice filled with hidden daggers, “You said that Chu Cheng Yan secretly likes you?”

This question presented Jiang Yue Yue with a problem. She just spat it out in the heat of the moment, remembering what Zhao He had told her, hoping to change her bad luck. But this time when Su Yu asked her again, as Chu Cheng Yan’s cold gaze swept past her Jiang Yue Yue could only stay silent in uncertainty.

Su Yu didn’t really care about Jiang Yue Yue’s answer. While she hesitated, he smiled and took a step back to lean against Chu Cheng Yan.

Chu Cheng Yan was already irritated by Jiang Yue Yue’s actions so he didn’t think much about Su Yu’s action.

Who knew that the next moment, Su Yu would grab his hand and interlock their fingers.

Chu Cheng Yan felt startled in his heart. Before he had time to comprehend Su Yu’s intentions, he was struck dizzy by Su Yu’s next words.

“While I’m not clear on why you are making this claim, there is one thing I must solemnly clarify,” Su Yu shook their interlocked hands and smiled with smug complacency. “I have been together with Chu Cheng Yan since long ago. Right now we are lovers. So please, Miss Jiang, watch your words. Do not cause unnecessary conflict in our relationship.”

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