IQ Chapter 12

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Chapter 1.12

Jiang Yue Yue looked blankly at Su Yu, completely shocked by his words, and for a time, she did not know how to respond.

The interlocked hands were very eye-catching but Chu Cheng Yan managed to control his expressions and keep a straight face not showing his excitement. “Yes, Ah Zheng and I are lovers so I hope Miss Jiang will refrain from disrupting our harmonious relationship.”

After that, Chu Cheng Yan glanced at Assistant Jiang who was also in a state of shock. Feeling his boss’s stare, he quickly composed himself and not daring to look up escorted Jiang Yue Yue out of the office.

Apparently, the blow was too much for Jiang Yue Yue for she didn’t even struggle as she was escorted out of the office. When the two men were alone in the office, Chu Cheng Yan’s mask finally cracked. “Ah Zheng, what did you just say earlier? Want to repeat it?”

Su Yu spared a glance at Chu Cheng Yan’s face before looking down to their joined hands. “First let go of me.”

“Answer my question first,” Chu Cheng Yan did not let go and even tightened his grip on Su Yu’s hand.

Su Yu was silent for a moment. While Chu Cheng Yan was nervously waiting for an answer, Su Yu finally gave a response that left him not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Not now. We can talk about this later.”

Chu Cheng Yan, who had been left hanging for half a day, immediately vented, anxiously talking, “Why do we still have to wait? My heart’s devotion to you is real. If you’re worried about the issue with Jiang Yue Yue, I can…”

Why wait? Of course it’s because Chu Cheng Yan’s IQ is only at 50%. Although he is no longer brainless, who knows how drastically his thoughts will change when his IQ has been fully restored?

However, this reason obviously cannot be said and Su Yu did not want to lie to Chu Cheng Yan. Pressing his finger against the older man’s lips, Su Yu said, “Don’t talk about this right now. I’m hungry.”

“…” Fine, the heavens and the earth are massive, and his lover’s appetite is the largest. Chu Cheng Yan reluctantly sighed, “Let’s go. I’ll take you out to eat.”

They still had many years ahead of them and even if his lover was hiding secrets he could never explore in a lifetime, so what? As long as he can always be by his side, it is enough.

Su Yu continued to enthusiastically greet Chu Cheng Yan every day, quietly waiting for his IQ to be restored.

During this time, Su Yu also learned the results of Jiang Yue Yue’s trial from the ball.

Stealing company secrets, depending on the jury’s attitude, it could be a considered large crime or a small one.

If Chu Cheng Yan still had absolutely no IQ then Su Yu was afraid that when he encountered such a situation not only would he not punish Jiang Yue Yue, Chu Cheng Yan would even voluntarily bring all the confidential material to her to choose from and then help her analyze the pros and cons of each one.

But now Chu Cheng Yan would not be the lenient in the face of Jiang Yue Yue.

Zhao He was the mastermind of the plan. Although he was only controlling Jiang Yue Yue’s actions behind the scenes, he received a sentencing of one year’s imprisonment and a 50,000 dollar fine to be paid to the company.

Jiang Yue Yue was fired and directly thrown in jail. Even if she were to come out later, it could be predicted that she would have a very difficult life.

It was only when Jiang Yue Yue found herself in the dirty prison cell that she actually woke up from her daydream. Finally regretting her previous actions, day after night Jiang Yue Yu kept crying to see Chu Cheng Yan. But since Chu Cheng Yan had recovered his IQ, how could he possibly want to meet her?

So the female protagonist could only slowly reflect on herself in prison.

“It seems a bit too miserable for the woman’s ending,” Su Yu finished watching the female protagonist’s situation and could not help but sigh.

The woman who should have been under the care and tolerance of the male protagonist had ended up in prison. The gap between the original plotline and the events that occurred really was too large.

Although the ball did not believe its host had a compassionate bone in his body, it still asked with some concern, “Does Master Host sympathize with the female protagonist?”

Their task is to restore the IQ of the male leads, destroy the illogical plot, and restore order to the world. Master Host definitely must not be shaken by such a small female protagonist!

Su Yu looked at the ball with a complacent smile, “No, I just thought that I was too brilliant. It was so easy to completely reverse the situation and even get the adoration the male protagonist originally reserved for her alone.”

“…” The ball flashed twice. It must have been malfunctioning to even link the Master Host with the word “sympathy.”

Regarding the matters concerning the female protagonist, neither Su Yu nor Chu Cheng Yan cared in the slightest.

Soon it was time for Su Yu to start school. Although Su Yu had been an extremely successful man at the top of the world in the real world, he was now Zhou Zheng and had to relive the beautiful university days.

Luckily, living in the bustling dormitory didn’t seem too bad.

But this idea had not even begun to come to fruition before Chu Cheng Yan squashed it: “I’ve bought a house near B University. Later, we can stay there.”

This was not having even caught the person yet already skipping straight to cohabitation.

“I don’t seem to have promised you anything yet?” Su Yu’s face was calm as he heartlessly looked at Chu Cheng Yan.

Chu Cheng Yan met Su Yu’s gaze with certainty. “You’ll agree. It’s only a matter of sooner or later.”

“Then wait until I agree to bring it up again,” Su Yu finished the last of his milk before standing up. “I’m going to school now. You should go to work.”

Chu Cheng Yan was extremely frustrated as he looked longingly at Su Yu’s departing back. However, even under such setbacks, he only became more and more bold in his advances. So even though Chu Cheng Yan did not get a positive answer from Su Yu, he still moved the twos things to the newly bought house and set up their bedroom.

Waiting until evening when Su Yu returned, Chu Cheng Yan drove the both of them to the new house. Standing in the foyer, Su Yu was greeted with a house with warm tones and a comfortable atmosphere completely different from the villa. It looked like a cozy home belonging to only two people.

Su Yu looked at the layout before him and the man standing next to him. Recognizing the expectations and ambiguity of Chu Cheng Yan’s actions, he had planned to scold him. Opening his mouth, Su Yu did not say anything for several moments. Eventually he closed his mouth and directly walked into the bedroom to set his backpack down.

So in this way, the two began living together in earnest. It was only on the day when Chu Cheng Yan’s IQ finally reached 100% that Su Yu reopened an important topic.

“Do you remember what we did 45 days ago?” Su Yu and Chu Cheng Yan sat facing each other on the couch as Su Yu began the discussion.

Chu Cheng Yan went through his memories very seriously and his eyes lit up, “Remember.”

That day they rode the Ferris wheel together and at the peak he kissed Su Yu. Although it was only a kiss, just the memory made his heart thump in excitement.

“Now, I have a few questions to ask you.” Su Yu’s body languidly rested on the couch but his eyes held an unprecedented seriousness.

Like a student being questioned by the teacher, Chu Cheng Yan subconsciously straightened his back and swallowed, “Go ahead and ask.”

“The first question, do you like me?” Su Yu’s first question was the one that he was most concerned about.

Chu Cheng Yan swiftly jumped forward, his attitude could not be anymore serious, “I like you. I love you.”

“The second question, as you’ve noticed I have strange secrets on me. Despite this, would you still like me?” Su Yu’s lashes trembled faintly as he asked.

“Yes.” Chu Cheng Yan firmly nodded.

“Last question. In my life I hate boredom the most. If I become bored with you someday then I will leave. Can you accept that?” Su Yu’s expression seemed careless but the corner of his mouth unconsciously curled.

At first Chu Cheng Yan wanted to instinctively nod. When he processed Su Yu’s words, he excitedly stood up from the couch and looked deeply in Su Yu’s eyes as he solemnly swore, “You can rest assured I will never let you be you bored!”

Su Yu looked at Chu Cheng Yan who was more excited than a child at a candy store and held a slender finger up to silence him. Pausing for three seconds, Su Yu waved him over, “Come let me hug you.”

Chu Cheng Yan immediately wrapped Su Yu up in his arms, his actions tender as if holding a precious treasure.

Su Yu quietly put his half lifted arms around Chu Cheng Yan. Fortunately this person is not too disappointing and Chu Cheng Yan did not drill directly into his arms.

After the two had embraced, Su Yu felt a deeper sentimental affection to Chu Cheng Yan. At the same time, he thought back to the original female protagonist. Giving up this kind of devoted and affectionate President for a scum like Zhao He, how embarrassing is that?

But the woman is in the past. Now this is a daily drama of love whose purpose is to kill people from sweetness.

At the beginning of the next semester Su Yu came out to his family.

It was not entirely for Chu Cheng Yan’s sake. In the original story, Zhou Zheng was also a man who only liked men. When the semester ended, the reason he fell out with his family and never returned home was all because of this.

Therefore, Su Yu also had a rarely seen respect for the original Zhou Zheng.

In the original story, Zhou Zheng was not only troubled by his family but also spurned by his classmates leading him to become depressed for several years.

However, now Su Yu was protected under the affectionate shroud of President Chu Cheng Yan. Even if he comes out of the closet the remaining problems are not a problem. As long as the President moves his finger everything will be solved.

After witnessing the entire incident, the ball who had been following Su Yu couldn’t help but ask, “Master Host, you didn’t actually need to follow this part of the plot so why did you?”

In fact what the ball really wanted to say was, you never actually cared about the story before, ah, so where did this sudden diligence pop up from?

In regard to the ball’s question, Su Yu idly looked at it, “I just felt bored.”

“…” The ball didn’t even want to talk anymore.

Su Yu was indeed bored but he had another reason as well. Since we have chosen to be together, then we must stay together forever.

Under the insistence of Chu Cheng Yan, Su Yu reluctantly finished university. Afterwards he did not find a job or start a business. Instead, he and Chu Cheng Yan travelled the world together.

In accordance to the principle that Su Yu cannot ever be bored, Chu Cheng Yan took to planning all sorts of interesting activities and going through them one by one over the past four years.

Travelling around the globe after Su Yu graduated was his largest plan yet.

Taking their own country as the starting point and slowly going abroad, the lovers left their footprints in every part of the world until Su Yu’s body was too old to eat. Then they finally returned to A City.

Lying in the bedroom of the villa where the two met for the first time was a commemorative album of their travel around the world. Apart from the written records, the room was also decorated in gadgets from all different parts of the world.

Looking at these things, Su Yu smiled, wrinkles crinkling around his eyes. “It seems… that I’m going to die soon.”

“No, we still have a lot of interesting things to do.” Chu Cheng Yan was also lying in the bed, holding Su Yu in his arms.

Su Yu smiled even more happily, “In this life, I have already done everything that is interesting. It seems I’ll definitely be bored in the next life.”

Chu Cheng Yan kissed his lips and in a voice almost too soft to hear spoke, “In my next life I will definitely continue to do interesting things with you. Definitely.”

Su Yu felt his eyes were getting heavier. As he slowly closed his eyes, his voice became a whisper, “Well, I’ll wait for you…”

“Wait for me, I will find you.” Chu Cheng Yan bowed his head to kiss Su Yu’s wrinkled forehead. Sighing, he slowly closed his own eyes.

Su Yu left his first world at the age of 66. Shortly after he died, his lover also followed him.

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  1. 66? Who dies from old age at 66? People literally live till like 100,my grandma is around the 60’s and she’s still perfectly fine.
    I feel like they should say he dies from cancer when he feels like it’s time to leave the world.

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    1. The world’s life expectancy is getting lower as time passes by so it’s not surprising when people die in the 60s. Living till the 70s is considered lucky to the countries like the US.


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