IQ Chapter 13

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Chapter 2.1 – Scattering IQ to the National Male God

It looked like Su Yu had left the first world, but that was not the case. He had just left Zhou Zheng’s body and was floating in the air.

After watching his own “death,” Chu Cheng Yan who had no more interest in life soon followed. Su Yu sighed.

The ball floated anxiously floated around Su Yu, worried about its host. While it may have looked like Su Yu dying and Chu Cheng Yan following him, that was not the case.

Su Yu’s stay in this world was determined by the laws of this world where the maximum human life was 100 years. So long as Su Yu wanted, he could definitely live to 100 years old.

The reason why he had chosen to die was actually because Chu Cheng Yan’s lifespan had come to an end.

Chu Cheng Yan had once told him that he would treasure him for a lifetime and never let him be wronged; he would never allow Su Yu to be unhappy or bored.

If Chu Cheng Yan was to disappear, then who would never allow him to be wronged, unhappy or bored?

So Su Yu chose to leave first. But in fact, after all, wasn’t this decision made because he was afraid of loneliness?

“Master Host, are you okay?” The ball shook up and down uneasily wondering how best to console its host.

Su Yu blinked and instantly all traces of grief disappeared from his face. Looking calmly at the ball he asked, “I haven’t chosen my character for the next world right?”

“Yes,” The ball had started thus discussion with Su Yu long ago but they had never actually gotten around to choosing a side mission. “Master Host can choose from one of these three side missions.”

The three side missions correspond to three characters in the entertainment industry story; an eighteen year old celebrity, a famous director, and the president of an entertainment company.

These three characters all share one very obvious trait – they are all cannon fodder destroyed by the female lead.

Su Yu looked at the introduction to the characters and thought very deeply.

The ball thought Su Yu was hesitating because he was too inexperienced and enthusiastically jumped in with a suggestion.

“Since the mission world this time is based on the entertainment industry, the male and female protagonists will certainly not be big stars nor famous directors. Therefore I suggest you go with the roles for either side mission 1 or side mission 2 because they will have the most contact with the protagonists.”

Su Yu nodded serenely, “Since you’ve said this, I’ll go with the third side mission.”

“…” The ball feels like it had been hit by 10,000 points of damage. Sob, it really never wants to talk to the Host again.

Su Yu who had selected the third side mission was soon sent to the second mission world by a heartbroken ball. The scene in front of him also changed from his and Chu Cheng Yan’s bedroom to a grand office that rivaled Chu Cheng Yan’s old office.

Sure enough, the treatment between Presidents really is similar. Thinking of Chu Cheng Yan while Su Yu’s expression did not change, his heart felt slightly sour.

Su Yu took a breath and looked around, “Give me the memory of the original owner as well as the story world.”


This story was a typical female lead rebirth and retaliation against the slag plotline. The female protagonist’s name is Lu Man Ni. Before being reborn, she was used and abandoned by the scum male, entrapped by the scheming woman, ultimately losing her reputation in the entertainment industry and dying shamefully as a cannon fodder.

After being reborn, the woman’s life instantly became different.

Equipped with the protagonist’s halo, she returned to the entertainment industry with a bang. Dumping scum men, abusing the women who destroyed her in the last life, with top tier acting she became a first rate superstar. Eventually even harvesting a national male god, the female protagonist could be described as receiving a double harvest of fame and fortune.

As for this national male god, naturally he is the male protagonist.

The hero’s act begins after the female protagonist’s rebirth. At this time, the female protagonist has just been reborn and still had no fame and achievements under her name. By virtue of her protagonist’s halo, she manages to almost effortlessly win her first role as the third female lead in a palace drama where the male protagonist is playing the emperor.

Although it was only the third female lead, the scenes in the drama were actually quite plentiful. There were many scenes with the male protagonist as well allowing the two to slowly get to know each other.

If only considering the interactions while filming, the male protagonist actually had a pretty good impression of the female protagonist. But taking his own development in the entertainment industry into consideration, naturally he will not get too close. However, drama is always pervasive.

When the woman’s role was nearing its end, a sex scandal broke out between the male and female protagonists on the internet claiming the two were in an illicit relationship because of circumstantial evidence taken while filming.

The entertainment industry had never lacked for those people who chase wind and catch shadows so the national male god naturally did not pay any attention to it. What he did not expect though is that the female lead would take the initiative to stand up to clarify the situation.

As a rookie female celebrity not only did she not take advantage of the situation but she even bravely stood out to clear up the rumors about their relationship. This move further cemented the female protagonist’s good impression in the male protagonist’s heart.

The male protagonist even forwarded the message posted by the female lead adding the statement, “We are friends 【^_^】”

This simple sentence was the catalyst that broke the ice between the male and female protagonists.

The two became colleagues and friends in both their work and personal lives.

The male protagonist’s identity also slowly changed from an ordinary friend to a flower guardian. Helping her promote herself in the entertainment industry, slapping the faces of those who she didn’t like, and eventually, just like in the scandal, got together with the female protagonist.

From the perspective of the main story, the male protagonist’s IQ seems much higher than in the previous world. At least he’s not falling in love at first sight, at least he’s not paying for everything, at least he’s not impressed just because she looks good. But in fact…

Even the author of the story would not be able to tell you how many green hats the male protagonist wears.

For now, let’s not mention the time the two were not officially together yet. Only considering the time when they were officially a couple, at any given moment the female protagonist was hooking up with at least twenty other men.

The rookies in the industry, the well established old money, the famous director, the president of the company, the deputy general manager, her agent, the illustrious family’s first young master, second young master, illegitimate child… As long as the face was attractive enough, they would all be added to the collection.

The terrifying part is that the male protagonist Actually! Does! Not! Know! Anything! At! All!

Even more terrifying, the male protagonist spends a lifetime with the female protagonist shielding her from the dirty parts of the industry. He even thought the female protagonist was a Pure! Unblemished! White! Lotus!

Reading to this point, Su Yu can only hehehe, the original IQ of the world is clearly reflected in this piece, ah. In addition to admiration, he can really only find more admiration for the five way bed rolling scene.

“Master Host, don’t be angry. When the male protagonist’s IQ recovers, he will naturally not be so stupid.” The ball also read the story and felt the need to comfort Su Yu.

Su Yu smiled at the ball and began to read through the side mission. This mission was also added to his mind when the ball imported the original’s memories.

Su Yu’s role in this world was Zhao Qing Song, the President of Zhao Entertainment.

In this world, Zhao Entertainment and Liu Entertainment are the two most powerful entertainment forces in the entertainment industry. As the President of Zhao Entertainment, Zhao Qing Song naturally did not have the right to touch the female protagonist who signed with Liu.

In fact, in the original story, President Zhao didn’t ever really interact with the female protagonist. In the end, he was turned into a cannon fodder and mercilessly destroyed just because her slag ex-boyfriend, Wang Yue, was one of Zhao’s artists.

After the woman’s rebirth, she had compiled a list of Wang Yue’s misdeeds and contacted Zhao Qing Song hoping the other party would place a ban on Wang Yue.

However, the examples the female protagonist brought up were all occurrences from his past life so in this life, Wang Yue hadn’t done any of them. The female protagonist did not dare reveal her identity either so the phone call looked like a prank from black power fans. Zhao Qing Song naturally did not care for a random prankster’s heart so he did not ban Wang Yue as the female protagonist had wanted.

So for this reason alone, the female protagonist began to hate Zhao Qing Song and decided to destroy him.

Not only did she completely decimate Zhao Qing Song’s reputation, she also dragged him off his seat as President of Zhao Entertainment. It could be said that from being seated at the top of life, Zhao Qing Song fell straight into hell. In the end, Zhao Qing Song died while being tortured to death by his half-brother.

Based on the various absurd dog-blood situations Zhao Qing Song will later encounter, his side mission is to prevent the original tragedies from reoccurring and secure his position as the President of Zhao Entertainment.

After completing the side mission, 1000 system points redeemable in the side mission branch of the mall will be awarded.

Although Su Yu had completed his first world mission, he hadn’t had time to review his rewards yet. So upon hearing this line he opened his inventory.

The originally empty inventory now contained a white object wrapped in a faint ethereal glow. Su Yu checked the object’s description which consisted of only a single line: World Piece (1).

For this kind of useless souvenir Su Yu barely gave it a glance before turning his attention to the mall. At this time, in addition to the main mall, a new branch for side missions had opened.

Right now he has 2000 IQ points and 0 system points.

Before thinking about spending any points, Su Yu compared the two malls and discovered that the purchasable items were actually very similar with the only difference being the main mall had more diversity of products. The other discovery Su Yu made was that IQ points could be exchanged: 1 IQ point is worth 10 system points.

The ball had been watching Su Yu browse the mall. Seeing that Su Yu did not show any interest in purchasing anything, it tentatively asked a question, “Master Host, you already have 2000 IQ points. Aren’t you going to redeem some useful items?”

“It’s unnecessary,” Su Yu lazily leaned back on the leather chair cross his long legs. “It’ll ruin my fun.”

The ball didn’t bother saying anything to its insane host and forced a cheerful voice, “Then let’s happily work together and start the next mission! Master Host hasn’t checked out the main mission yet.”

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. He thought that the mission would be greeting the male protagonist 100 times and so had not bothered to look at it. Opening the system interface, Su Yu carefully read the main mission and… fell silent.

Main Mission: Co-star in 10 movies with the male protagonist and in each of the 10 movies, the Host must face off against the male protagonist at least 10 times. Each movie completed will restore 10% of the male protagonist’s IQ.

So what the hell was the point of choosing to be Zhao Qing Song, the President of Zhao Entertainment?

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