IQ Chapter 4

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Chapter 1.4

At half past 11 in the morning, after Chu Cheng Yan finished working through files and secretly checked up on Jiang Yue Yue, he prepared to go out for lunch.

At that moment, Assistant Jiang knocked on his door and entered the office. With a hint of curiosity in his voice, he said: “President, a call just came in from the front desk. There is a gentleman downstairs who claims to be your cousin bringing lunch for you.”

Chu Cheng Yan’s sharp eyebrows couldn’t help but rise a fraction, he was already planning to go out for a meal.

Assistant Jiang misunderstood Chu Cheng Yan’s reaction as irritation and quickly apologized, “I’m sorry! I’ll take care of this matter, President.”

“Let him come up,” Chu Cheng Yan rubbed his brows as a hint of annoyance crept into his voice.

Assistant Jiang who was about to leave to have the man removed froze for a moment seeing Chu Cheng Yan’s dark face. He did not dare to ask anymore before quickly leaving the office to bring the cousin.

A few minutes later, Su Yu walked into the office behind Assistant Jiang carrying a huge insulated thermal lunch box. When he saw Chu Cheng Yan, he flashed a brilliant smile. “Cousin, I brought you lunch!”

Chu Cheng Yan’s eyebrows twitched twice. Just as he was about to drive the other party away, he saw Su Yu put down the lunchbox and rub his stomach: “In order to get the food here on time, I haven’t eaten yet. Cousin, take a break from work and quickly come eat ah.”

With the food already within reach, Chu Cheng Yan gave up on sending Su Yu away. He decisively put down the documents in his hands and stood up. Seeing Assistant Jiang still standing in the office, Chu Cheng Yan frowned. “You go and work.”

Although Assistant Jiang was very curious about this cousin who popped up out of nowhere, under the icy gaze of his boss, he nodded his head and quickly left.

Su Yu opened the lunchbox and carefully laid out the meal before placing a pair of chopsticks in front of Chu Cheng Yan. “Cousin’s probably really hungry right? Quickly eat ba.”

Waiting until Chu Cheng Yan picked up the chopsticks, Su Yu immediately picked up his own chopsticks and started to eat. Chu Cheng Yan looked at Su Yu with an inexplicable gaze for a moment then finally began to eat.

Su Yu had prepared a lot of dishes but perhaps because the appetites of the two men were very large, almost no food was left when they finished eating.

Because he overate Su Yu’s stomach felt very uncomfortable. Lounging on the couch, Su Yu lazily asked, “Cousin, I ate too much earlier and it feels very uncomfortable to walk right now. Can I just sit here for a while?”

“En.” Chu Cheng Yan nodded. He then proceeded to directly ignore Su Yu and sat back down at the desk to continue processing documents.

Su Yu yawned and lazed around on the couch in boredom until the ball came back with news that Jiang Yue Yue had already finished her lunch break and was about to enter the company. Su Yu pushed himself off the couch and picked up the empty dishes to put back in the lunchbox.

“Cousin, I’m going to head back now. I’m not very familiar with this place so do you can you send me back down?” Su Yu stared at Chu Cheng Yan with wide innocent eyes.

Chu Cheng Yan didn’t even look at his cousin. He mercilessly told Su Yu to go ask Assistant Jiang. Su Yu rolled his eyes in his heart but he put on a pitiful and innocent expression as he pleaded, “Earlier when I was on the first floor the security guards tried to throw me out. They didn’t believe I was your cousin. It was really scary! Even after Assistant Jiang came, the people said I was just trying to cling onto my relatives for wealth.”

This was the first time Chu Cheng Yan had seen a grown man showing such a pitiful look. He momentarily felt a foreign emotion as his heart inexplicably skipped a few beats: “Fine.”

“Thank you Cousin!” Su Yu’s face immediately brightened and he gave Chu Cheng Yan a huge smile.

When Assistant Jiang saw his boss walk out of the office side by side with the “cousin” from earlier, his jaw almost fell off from shock.

“Cousin, can we use the staff elevator going down? I really want to try it once!” Su Yu smiled with his eyes as wide and innocent as possible. In order to create encounters with the female protagonist, he also had to work hard.

Chu Cheng Yan sternly looked at Su Yu for a moment before he surprisingly agreed to the request. The pair walked to the staff elevators that had just stopped on their floor and entered.

By this time, Jiang Yue Yue had been waiting on the first floor for the staff elevator for a long time. She didn’t know what was wrong with the elevator today but it was much slower than usual. She waited for half a day but still did not see even a shadow of the elevator.

Two minutes later, an elevator finally arrived at the first floor. Jiang Yue Yue felt relief as the lights signaled the elevator’s appearance. When the doors had just opened, she immediately rushed inside without looking around before suddenly noticing the President was in the elevator.

What she was waiting for was the regular staff elevator, right? Not the President’s exclusive elevator?

Su Yu also saw Jiang Yue Yue; his lips faintly curled up. As he walked past her to step out of the elevator, Su Yu accidentally bumped into Jiang Yue Yue causing the lunchbox in his hands to fall and spill out onto the floor.

A little bit of remnant soup splashed out of the lunchbox and fell directly on Jiang Yue Yue’s white canvas shoes.

“Sorry! Sorry! I’m so sorry! I lost my balance for a moment and bumped into you. I even got your shoes dirty.” Su Yu was shocked and quickly apologized. He grabbed a paper towel and tried to help Jiang Yue Yue scrub off the soup stains on her shoes. Su Yu suddenly stopped, realizing his actions were too over the top and afraid he had accidentally scared the other party.

But from behind him, Chu Cheng Yan suddenly came forward and, without thinking, took the paper towels from Su Yu and proceeded to clean Jiang Yue Yue’s shoes.

The next moment noise ceased on the first floor as everyone fell dead silent, staring at the man studiously cleaning Jiang Yue Yue’s shoes. This… Is this… Is this really their merciless President?

Su Yu also looked at this scene with a ridiculing smile until Chu Cheng Yan stood up. Bowing his head Su Yu apologized again. “Cousin, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I was too careless.”

Chu Cheng Yan’s gaze was still locked on Jiang Yue Yue’s shoes that he had helped wipe clean with a paper towel.

Jiang Yue Yue was flustered and quickly waved the apology away. “It’s okay. I should have waited for you to get off the elevator first. I was wrong too, so you don’t have to apologize.”

She completely did not expect the President to personally help her wipe her shoes. This situation was too unbelievable!

Su Yu had already made two sincere apologies, completely revealing the situation to everyone around. As Su Yu walked past the front desk, Su Yu carelessly said, “Cousin, you must get along really well with your employees at the company. You’re not even disgusted when helping people clean their shoes. You’re really gentle!”

This statement made Chu Cheng Yan’s face stiffen slightly. At the front desk, the two receptionists’ eyes widened with realization at Su Yu’s comment. They seemed to have inadvertently heard a big secret!

“I just said it casually. Cousin, you really don’t have to care about it.” After his goal was reached, Su Yu immediately absolved himself of blame. Laughing, Su Yu waved goodbye to his cousin and took a taxi back to the Chu family villa.

The most important part of any workplace will always be gossip and what Su Yu did earlier was exactly promoting gossip. Su Yu can almost perfectly imagine how today’s event will produce the most wonderful present for himself in the near future.

In the original story line, though Chu Cheng Yan had always paid a lot of attention to Jiang Yue Yue, he had never  overtly displayed his affection and so the company never had any opportunity to spread gossip. But it can be assumed things will not happen the same way now.

Of course, he didn’t do things this way entirely just to make trouble for Jiang Yue Yue.

Su Yu looked down at the image just captured by the ball. A man in a suit gently kneels next to a cute petite woman wiping her shoes while the woman’s gaze gently rests on the man. The picture had a beautifully artistic charm to it.

“Host, even if Jiang Yue Yue knew of Chu Cheng Yan’s affection for her, I’m afraid she still won’t be with him,” the ball glanced at the picture. Thinking the Host’s motive today was only for convincing Jiang Yue Yue to be with Chu Cheng Yan in the future, it couldn’t help but speak up to warn him.

If Chu Cheng Yan could be considered to have negative IQ when it came to Jiang Yue Yue, then Jiang Yue Yue also had negative IQ when it came to her boyfriend, Zhao He. Both people were willing to fight for their one special person.

Su Yu smirked slightly at the mischief to come in the future. “I don’t have any intentions of promoting their feelings. But doesn’t this make things more interesting? As for this picture, of course it will have its uses in the future. Naturally, you will know it then.”

Su Yu can’t possibly allow the days to all be so boring. Instead of having to waste months waiting with just one person, it’s much more fun to jump start the plot and make everyone busy.

“…” The ball gained a deeper understanding of the Host’s twisted mind. It trembled a bit but did not dare to say anything and just silently drifted away from the frightening Host.

The next day, Su Yu once again brought an insulated lunchbox for Chu Cheng Yan as well as a brand new pair of canvas women’s shoes. He gave the lunchbox to Assistant Jiang to deliver to Chu Cheng Yan while Su Yu himself went to Jiang Yue Yue’s office.

Due to the time, there were very few people still in the office as most were still on lunch break including Jiang Yue Yue.

After asking around and learning Jiang Yue Yue was currently not at the office, Su Yu entrusted the shoes to a colleague of Jiang Yue Yue as well as a message: “Let Jiang Yue Yue know that the shoes are compensation for yesterday’s accident. The President personally picked out the shoes for her and hopes that she will like them.”

Holding the new pair of shoes, Jiang Yue Yue’s colleague kept repeating the words “the President personally picked out the shoes” in her mind. Then she became extremely angry. She really didn’t expect that the rumors that “the President and Jiang Yue Yue are having an affair” turned out to be true!

Obviously Jiang Yue Yue already had a boyfriend yet she still dared to seduce the company President. Jiang Yue Yue usually presented herself as soft and weak yet it was all just for show. She did not expect this woman to be such a hypocritical slut!

After Su Yu delivered the shoes, in a good mood, he went back up to accompany Chu Cheng Yan for lunch before leaving.

The next few days, except for greeting Chu Cheng Yan every morning, Su Yu spent most of his time playing in the city. He discovered that the scenery in A city really was quite nice good. However, he did not forget about Jiang Yue Yue; he kept the ball secretly monitoring the situation.

The ball: QAQ

These days, Jiang Yue Yue’s time at the company was really difficult. She obviously hadn’t done anything but suddenly, she was being shunned by her co-workers. Someone even put a threatening letter in her desk.

Jiang Yue Yue had always been lacking in courage. At that time, she was really scared and told the department manager about the letter. She hoped the department manager could help her investigate the situation.

The result was that the manager glared at her and coldly said, “It’s best if you just admit your crime outright, otherwise you will have to bear the consequences yourself.”

This made Jiang Yue Yue feel very stupid in and caused her heart to be endlessly troubled. She was completely clueless as to why everyone had turned on her until one day she overheard her colleagues chatting in the bathroom. Then she finally realized what was going on.

There is absolutely nothing going on between the President and herself. How could they say she…?!

Jiang Yue Yue was almost in tears. In order to be rid of the scandalous label on herself and the criticism and ostracization of her colleagues , she directly confronted Chu Cheng Yan and very seriously said, “President, I already have a boyfriend and I don’t have any unreasonable thoughts about you. How can you let such horrible rumors spread through the company?”

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