IQ Chapter 5

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Chapter 1.5

By this time Chu Cheng Yan had already recovered 8% of his IQ. Even though Jiang Yue Yue’s accusation hurt his heart, he still nodded and calmly said “You can rest assured, I will handle this matter. You can work in peace.”

“Then I will be troubling the President.” Jiang Yue Yue agreed with teary eyes and as Chu Chen Yan watched, she left the office.

That same afternoon, Chu Cheng Yan convened a company wide staff meeting where he expressed the innocence between Jiang Yue Yue and himself, but no one knew just how heavy his mood was at the time.

Su Yu, who was relaxing in the Chu family villa, learned of all this through the ball but he just sighed helplessly. “Sure enough, an IQ of 8% is still much too low. How long do you think I have to wait before he recovers enough IQ for me to act?”

The ball, confused by Su Yu’s docile reaction, asked, “Host, did you expect this to happen?”

“What’s the matter?” Su Yu looked at the ball.

The ball shook and gave a look of awe. “It’s just…It’s just that Jiang Yue Yue went to find Chu Cheng Yan and then Chu Cheng Yan helped her prove her innocence. Host’s plans were interrupted right?”

“Is it really that hard to guess this thing?” Su Yu couldn’t tell if he felt like laughing or crying. He was helpless when it came to the ball’s IQ as well as the male protagonist’s. “Jiang Yue Yue comes off as being so pure and kind to the point she was even unknowingly exploited by her ex-boyfriend. But in fact, how could she not know about Chu Cheng Yan’s feelings for her? If she is not naturally selfish to a certain extent and so sure of Chu Cheng Yan’s love for her, how could Jiang Yue Yue dare to take Chu Cheng Yan’s things just to please her boyfriend?”

The ball rapidly blinked, its whole body flashing, as it suffered from an information overload trying to process Su Yu’s statement.

“Thus, even if she has not discovered Chu Cheng Yan’s affection, with her character, she will definitely ask Chu Cheng Yan to clarify the matter for her because she has no courage to do it herself.” Su Yu laughed, looking down on Jiang Yue Yue’s two-faced and cowardly temperament.

After a long time, the ball finally came to a realization. “I thought both Jiang Yue Yue and Chu Cheng Yan were equally lacking in IQ. I didn’t realize she was such a two-faced person. No wonder you made sure to ‘take care’ of her so well!”

“Do I have to waste my time taking care of her? I just hope that Chu Cheng Yan can wake up as soon as possible.” Su Yu looked at the ball innocently, terrifying the ball into trembling once more.

“No no, definitely not!” The ball fiercely shook its head, turning into a soaring ball as it ran away with lightning speed.

After this episode, Su Yu did not bother making any further moves, choosing to bide his time instead. Day by day, time passed quickly and Chu Cheng Yan’s IQ was also rising steadily.

When Chu Cheng Yan’s IQ finally reached 40%, Su Yu determined it was time to start operations!

“Cousin, school is going to start next month. I want to go shopping at the mall tomorrow for a few sets of clothes. Will you go with me?” Su Yu made his request during dinner.

During the past month, Su Yu and Chu Cheng Yan had been getting along very well. Although his little cousin was somewhat too cheerful and over the top, he was diligent in his work and his cooking was excellent. When Chu Cheng Yan wanted peace and quiet, his cousin was not too noisy. Overall, he still could be counted as good.

Thinking back, since Su Yu had come to A City, Chu Cheng Yan had never actually gone out with him anywhere. Every time they interacted, it was Su Yu taking initiative to greet him or go to his office with lunch. Chu Cheng Yan nodded in agreement: “Good.”

“Cousin, you’re really great!” Su Yu’s eyes flashed as his lips formed a very sincere smile.

The next morning, the two men ate a simple breakfast before going to the nearest shopping mall. Buying clothes is obviously just a guise, Su Yu’s real intent is to speed up the story line.

Today, Jiang Yue Yue and Zhao He will also come to this mall to buy things. Soon it will be the first meeting between Chu Cheng Yan and Zhao He.

Su Yu took Chu Cheng Yan to browse through the men’s clothing area for a long time. His heart was long since bored to tears but his face was still full of excitement. It wasn’t until the ball came back with news of the female protagonist that Su Yu’s heart magically revived.

“Cousin, I think we’ve browsed through enough and we’re ready to go home.” Su Yu lifted the bulging shopping bags with a wide grin plastered across his face.

Chu Cheng Yan nodded. The number of bags he was carrying was no less than Su Yu. This was the first time Chu Cheng Yan had ever gone shopping with another person. He never knew such a profound and affectionate feeling was possible from just buying clothes with someone.

The two people walked up the escalator in a comfortable silence. On the second floor, Su Yu stopped and stood off to the side of the elevator. “Cousin, my shoelace came loose. Can you help me hold my bags for a moment?”

“En.” Chu Cheng Yan bent down and took the bags from Su Yu. As soon as he stood up Chu Cheng Yan saw Jiang Yue Yue walking up the escalator with a young man.

The young man put his hand on Jiang Yue Yue’s shoulder as he leaned close to her ear and whispered something causing her to laugh. The two people’s actions looked very intimate with no room for others.

Seeing this scene, Chu Cheng Yan only felt a slight twinge in his heart, however his mood overall remained very calm. He could clearly feel that even in his imagination he did not seem very sad.

Su Yu just got up at this time and saw Jiang Yue Yue who had just come off the escalator. He froze for a moment before greeting the other party, “Miss Jiang, what a coincidence to meet you here.”

Hearing her name being called, Jiang Yue Yue looked up and noticed Su Yu and Chu Cheng Yan. She suddenly felt a bit embarrassed being so intimate with her boyfriend in front of others: “Ah yes!”

“I really am sorry for the accident last time. Later when I came to give you the new shoes you weren’t in the office. I don’t know whether they were suitable or not?” Su Yu asked with an apologetic look on his face.

Jiang Yue Yue subconsciously glanced at Zhao He before replying. “They were very suitable but you really didn’t need to worry about such things.”

“How is it not necessary? I accidentally soiled your shoes so naturally I bear the responsibility of replacing them. Otherwise, my cousin would definitely curse me to death. Am I right, Cousin?” Su Yu saw that Chu Cheng Yan hadn’t reacted yet and so helpfully dragged him into the conversation.

Chu Cheng Yan stared intently at Su Yu for a moment before slowly looking towards Jiang Yue Yue. “Indeed, what happened that day is his fault.”

“You see? Cousin also agrees with me. Since Cousin is the President of the company, he’s your boss’s boss. You can’t refute him too right?” Su Yu’s lips curled as he looked at Jiang Yue Yue, completely ignoring Zhao He by her side.

As expected, during this time Zhao He frequently kept glancing at Chu Cheng Yan and after hearing that Chu Cheng Yan was “the President of the company,” Zhao He’s eyes lit up with disguised intentions.

Jiang Yue Yue was even more embarrassed by Su Yu’s remarks. Since the previous rumors, she hadn’t dared to even look Chu Cheng Yan’s way. However, in Zhao He’s eyes, her behavior was extremely suspicious. It seemed Jiang Yue Yue had a hidden relationship with the President of her company?

“Yue Yue, you’re still not going to introduce me?” Zhao He casually tossed his arm over Jiang Yue Yue’s shoulders, claiming ownership.

Left with no choice, Jiang Yue Yue blushed and made introductions “This is the President of the company and this is…”

The two had only ever seen each other once so Jiang Yue Yue did not know Su Yu’s name. While she wanted to introduce him, she didn’t know what to say?!

“I’m the younger cousin of the President here. My name is Zhou Zheng.” Su Yu saw Jiang Yue Yue’s struggle and took initiative to introduce himself with a smile. “You are Miss Jiang’s boyfriend? You’re very handsome.”

In his heart, Su Yu silently added, Cousin, don’t blame me for stabbing your heart with a knife. It’s all for the sake of saving the world.

Jiang Yue Yue smiled shyly. “His name is Zhao He.”

“Hello.” Zhao He’s mind had already begun to spin with ideas on how to use this connection to the President to his advantage. But on his face, he kept a warm smile.

Of course, for the extremely insightful Su Yu, how could he not know what Zhao He was thinking? Seeing that his goal was accomplished, he exchanged a few pleasantries before saying goodbye to Jiang Yue Yue.

On the ride home, Chu Cheng Yan was completely silent. Su Yu thought he was in a bad mood due to his heart hurting so he kept silent as well.

After returning to the villa, Su Yu was about to head upstairs when he was stopped by Chu Cheng Yan.

“Zhou Zheng, did you do that on purpose?” Chu Cheng Yan sat on the couch looking suspiciously at Su Yu.

Su Yu blinked, raising his vigilance. With a face full of sadness and grievances at being falsely accused, Su Yu cried, “Cousin, what did you say was on purpose? Did I do something wrong?”

Chu Cheng Yan looked suspiciously at Su Yu while Su Yu stared back with limpid eyes lacking the slightest impurity, neither face revealing what they were thinking. Finally, Chu Cheng Yan sighed and closed his eyes. “Never mind. You can go and rest in your room.”

“Then I’ll go back first.” Su Yu nodded and carried an armful of bags back to his room.

As soon as the door closes, the ball couldn’t contain itself anymore and burst out: “Host, he wouldn’t have discovered anything right?!”

“Relax. Of course he doesn’t know.” Su Yu casually threw the bags into the closet before collapsing onto the bed.

“What did that man mean then?” the ball was very tense. This was its first mission and if it got messed up, the ball didn’t know what it could do other than cry.

Su Yu did not bother to honor the low IQ ball with a response. He suddenly thought of the original story line. His freshman year, his family would get into a lot of trouble, ne? Su Yu’s lips curled up at the thought of more potential mischief.

Since Chu Cheng Yan was already beginning to doubt him, then why not spice things up and make a more interesting show?

Not to mention, Su Yu still had his original dark scheme. But after Zhao He had seen Chu Cheng Yan, although he had some slight suspicions, due to the returned IQ Chu Cheng Yan’s feelings for Jiang Yue Yue were not nearly as apparent as they were in the original story line.

After all, when they met in the mall, Chu Cheng Yan’s performance could be considered quite calm. By comparison, it was Zhao He who seemed strangely overenthusiastic about the meeting. As a result, Zhao He was forced to return with his plotting wasted.

However, when he received an anonymous email two days later with a picture attached, Zhao He’s thoughts naturally changed.

The dignified President of a multinational corporation would actually publicly kneel down and help a small employee wipe her shoes! Any way someone looked at it, it seemed suspicious.

The only non-contemptible explanation would be that the President actually had romantic feelings towards the employee.

Remembering the way the President looked at Jiang Yue Yue at the mall, Zhao He determined it could only be the so-called “special look” between men and women.

Thinking of this, Zhao He felt unpleasant at the thought of the President liking his girlfriend. After all, what could Zhao He possibly use to compete with the President? Zhao He’s appearance, power, and wealth were all inferior. Soon though, another thought appeared in his mind.

Zhao He smirked. Since he is the President of a multinational company, naturally he has to be very rich ah?

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