IQ Chapter 8

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Chapter 1.8

Although Su Yu had long predicted Jiang Yue Yue and Zhao He’s actions, he was still shocked by the extent of Zhao He’s shamelessness coupled with Jiang Yue Yue’s idiocy. Seeing such a shameless couple acting out their own drama left a bad taste in Su Yu’s mouth.

However, when Su Yu thought about how lively things were about to become, his mood improved slightly. After waiting for the ball to report what day Jiang Yue Yue planned to go to Chu Cheng Yan, he immediately walked over to stand in front of Chu Cheng Yan. “Cousin, I’ve already been through the city to play multiple times and I don’t have anything to do anymore. So can I come with you to the company tomorrow?”

“You won’t find it boring?” Chu Cheng Yan didn’t know what Su Yu was playing at, but out of concern still posed the question.

Su Yu shook his head and smiled. “I won’t be bored.” In his heart Su Yu added, with Jiang Yue Yue there tomorrow definitely won’t be anything but lively.

The next day, Su Yu followed Chu Cheng Yan to his office. Putting on headphones, he played games on his phone in the office rest area until lunch time.

Turning off his phone, Su Yu sat up and narrowed his eyes. The good show is about to start, but he doesn’t know if Chu Cheng Yan would still favor Jiang Yue Yue like before?

Chu Cheng Yan had always followed a regulated schedule so when noon came about he put aside his documents and stood up. At this time, Su Yu also walked out from the rest area and rubbed his stomach with an exaggerated moan. “Cousin, I’m about to starve to death! Can we please go eat?”

“Let’s go. I’ll take you out for lunch.” Chu Cheng Yan agreed and the two men walked out of the President’s office. But as soon as they had stepped outside, they saw Jiang Yue Yue blocking the way.

Seeing Jiang Yue Yue again, Chu Cheng Yan’s face momentarily sank before turning carefully blank and staring right past her.

Su Yu glanced between Jiang Yue Yue and Chu Cheng Yan. He seemed to feel the tension in the air because while his face clearly showed he wanted to say something, Su Yu remained silent.

Jiang Yue Yue bit her lip, mustering up her courage. The President had agreed to her request last time so there was no reason for him not to do the same again. She walked in front of Chu Cheng Yan and blocked his path forward. “President Chu, I…I have something to say to you.”

Chu Cheng Yan frowned at Jiang Yue Yue. Tired, and heart hurting Chu Cheng Yan really did not want to deal with Jiang Yue Yue at the moment. “My cousin and I are going out for lunch. We have no time to waste on you.”

Jiang Yue Yue anxiously tugged at her clothes. She tried to summon a smile. “President Chu, I really do have an important matter to discuss with you. Please? It’ll only take ten minutes.”

Chu Cheng Yan was about to refuse her but Su Yu beat him to it. Giving Chu Cheng Yan a soothing smile Su Yu said, “Miss Jiang’s issue must be really urgent for her to come all the way here. I don’t mind waiting a while, so why don’t you give her a chance to speak?”

Finished speaking, Su Yu smiled gently at Jiang Yue Yue. Looking at this brainless woman who was more useless than even the ball Su Yu felt disgusted to the point of vomiting.

The ball: So mean QAQ

Jiang Yue Yue gave Su Yu a grateful glance before turning back to gaze hopefully at Chu Cheng Yan.

Frowning, Chu Cheng Yan rubbed his pinched brow in irritation. “Hurry up and spit it out.”

Jiang Yue Yue’s eyes brightened before sneakily glancing at Su Yu. “President Chu, can we go somewhere more…private? This is about a personal matter that is related to the President’s reputation.”

Although she didn’t clearly state it, her desire for Su Yu to leave was obvious. But how could Su Yu just stand idly by and allow himself to be chased out?

Surprisingly, Su Yu didn’t even get a chance to start standing up for himself before someone else acted first.

“If you have something to say hurry up, or else get lost.” Chu Cheng Yan grew more impatient his tone becoming even more merciless.

Jiang Yue Yue’s face paled as if she had just received a huge blow. Flustered, she tried to explain, “President, I really didn’t…”

Chu Cheng Yan rudely interrupted her, “If you can’t talk, scram.”

Jiang Yue Yue stared pitifully at Chu Cheng Yan with red rimmed eyes. When she saw that Chu Cheng Yan remained unmoved, she bit her lip and turned her gaze onto Su Yu instead.

Su Yu dropped his head as if ashamed to meet Jiang Yue Yue’s gaze but hidden from view, a mocking smile graced his face.

In the original story, Jiang Yue Yue could act with as much impunity as she wished. No matter what she did, Chu Cheng Yan forgave her and allowed her to trample on his dignity and emotions over and over again.

But now, Chu Cheng Yan lacked the enthusiasm he had in the original plot. By still acting in this presumptuous manner, the female protagonist shot herself in the foot. A story is easy to change, yet one’s nature is very difficult.

Jiang Yue Yue did not bother to look at Su Yu for help again. She could only grit her teeth and pull out the photograph. “President Chu, someone left this for me in my office. I don’t know who took it but it’s clearly a threat.”

Chu Cheng Yan briefly glanced at the picture, an undecipherable emotion passing through his eyes. Coldy, he asked, “So what?”

Jiang Yue Yue thought that she had control of the conversation. As long as she explained properly, Chu Cheng Yan would definitely understand and change his attitude towards her. So when Jiang Yue Yue saw his maintained his cold front, she was stunned. Remembering her good intentions, she decided to explain the situation to Chu Cheng Yan in more detail.

“I know these kinds of things could hurt President Chu’s reputation if they were to spread so that’s why I chose to immediately bring the photos to the President. Please don’t misunderstand me. I did not mean to imply anything.”

Having said this, Jiang Yue Yue paused and bit her lip before continuing. “If the President is worried that this incident could lead to misunderstandings between us, then how about I sell the photograph to President Chu? That way there will be no misunderstandings.”

When Jiang Yue Yue had just finished talking, she heard a muffled chuckle. Glancing over, she saw Su Yu grinning at her like he had just seen a clown. Jiang Yue Yue’s clenched her fists as she glared fiercely at Su Yu.

“I’m sorry. Please. Please continue.” Su Yu gave an exaggerated bow but Jiang Yue Yue could see his shoulders were still shaking.

Jiang Yue Yue wanted to yell at Su Yu for interrupting her meeting with his stupid laughter. But feeling Chu Cheng Yan’s icy glare on her body froze her in place and she could only hopefully look at him waiting for his approval.

After a brief pause, Chu Cheng Yan infected by Su Yu also chuckled and pinching his brows asked, “How much?”

Jiang Yue Yue’s face turned bright red. “Fifty thousand.”

“Fifty thousand just to buy a piece of trash. Miss Jiang’s imagination is really good. It’s a pity I’m not a fool.” All Chu Cheng Yan could feel was self-ridicule. Were his eyes lumps of shit? How could he have fallen for this kind of person?

Recalling the heartache he suffered because of this woman, even Chu Cheng Yan wanted to laugh at himself.

Jiang Yue Yue was stunned. She had not anticipated this reaction from Chu Cheng Yan at all. Her face paled then flushed from the humiliation causing her complexion to turn red and blotchy. Unable to accept her loss, she quickly spoke up to defend herself. “President, I’m truly doing this for you! Just think about it for a moment! If these kinds of photos spread, you reputation…”

“Enough!” Chu Cheng Yan stared at the selfish woman in front of him. He had allowed her to victimize him for long enough. Chu Cheng Yan took deep breaths until he could compose himself enough to speak. “Jiang Yue Yue! If you want money so badly, rather than using these despicable methods to extort others, use your own efforts to earn it! Furthermore,  your cheap threats are worthless to me.”

Having said this, Chu Cheng Yan wiped all emotion off of his face and swept past Jiang Yue Yue without a backward glance.

Jiang Yue Yue was rooted to the spot as tears filled her eyes. She didn’t know what to do. Why did this happen?Obviously…Obviously everything she said was for Chu Cheng Yan!

Su Yu looked at Jiang Yue Yue and “kindheartedly” offered her assistance. “If you’re actually short on money tell me later and I can lend you some. But in the future it’s not a good idea to go to the highest level of administration and make things up to try and extort money. Don’t do it again. Even you won’t be able to handle the consequences.”

Jiang Yue Yue’s tears fell even more fiercely. Her mouth trembled but in the end couldn’t say anything as the two people walked away.

Saying his piece, Su Yu rushed to catch up with Chu Cheng Yan to console him. “Cousin, don’t be too angry at Miss Jiang, alright? I don’t think she tried to go against you intentionally.”

Chu Cheng Yan didn’t speak but turned to stare at Su Yu. His gaze made Su Yu feel an inexplicable feeling of guilt and tinted with remorse. Su Yu stopped talking.

Lunch was a subdued affair. After the incident with Jiang Yue Yue, neither man had much of an appetite.

Now that the show was over, Su Yu was afraid to return to the office lest he become Chu Cheng Yan’s punching bag. Su Yu thought for a moment and then said, “Cousin, there really isn’t anything to do here after all so I think I’ll go home for the afternoon.”

Who knew that Chu Cheng Yan was actually paying attention to him and gave him a strict reply: “Not allowed.”

“Eh?” Chu Cheng Yan’s straightforward refusal surprised Su Yu.

Chu Cheng Yan looked at Su Yu. “Wait until I get off work.”

Su Yu thought that Chu Cheng Yan might have been hurt by the earlier conflict and didn’t want to be alone. Combined with the earlier guilt Su Yu couldn’t find it in himself to refuse, “Okay then. I’ll stay.”

After lunch they returned to Chu Cheng Yan’s office. Su Yu was headed towards the rest area when he saw Chu Cheng Yan already sitting on a couch in the office.

“Sit there,” ordered Chu Cheng Yan pointing to the opposite couch.

Su Yu observed Chu Cheng Yan’s face for clues as he sat down. His guilty conscience also began to stir again with the Chu Cheng Yan’s unusual actions. Keeping the smile on his face, Su Yu asked, “What’s wrong Cousin?”

“That photograph. How did you take it?” Chu Cheng Yan’s eyes bored into Su Yu’s.

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