Younger Brother Chapter 2

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Staring at the bronze mirror before him, Yang Mu’s expression was sluggish.

The face in the bronze mirror was extremely beautiful. Its pair of phoenix shaped eyes were sharp and enchanting. The outer corners of the eyes slanted upwards, adding an undertone of charm to the otherwise cold face.

Slightly pale lips pressed tightly together, completing the effect. Altogether, the frozen face had a certain alluring quality to it.

Looking at this face, Yang Mu couldn’t help but think of a term — “Ice Queen*.”

He… was he reborn?

He had already experienced transmigration once so though he now faced rebirth, his reaction was much calmer.

If Yang Mu had obtained this face after his first transmigration, he would have been absolutely ecstatic. 

But after being assassinated in his most recent incarnation, reincarnating into this body left Yang Mu with an unspeakable pain in his heart.

This face was literally the manifestation of his nightmares… 

After all, he once witnessed this particular body’s tragic death under the hands of Shi Dixuan…

Yep, no mistake… the identity of Yang Mu’s current body was the Elder Yang, “Yang Mu,” whom he once shared a sect and a name with… 

In his previous life, the last time he saw this Elder Yang was when the sect had already become a field of corpses. Since Elder Yang was still happily living right now, it proved that Shi Dixuan had not yet arrived to exact vengeance upon the sect.

Suddenly reminded of the fact that it was this sect who killed Shi Dixuan’s parents, Yang Mu felt his head begin to throb.

People on this continent had absolutely no sense of animal conservation! Even if the other group’s jingye was comparable to the highest grade dabu pills*, you couldn’t just indiscriminately suppress and kill all beastmen…

When a situation is pushed too far it is inevitable that there will be backlash and Shi Dixuan was the manifestation of that backlash. Yang Mu had followed Shi Dixuan for a very long time. He had seen Shi Dixuan lead the long oppressed beastmen to freedom and create a powerful kingdom of beastmen step by step.

Under his hands the people who had once captured and killed beastmen now suffered the beastmen’s revenge.

In his past life, Yang Mu’s role in the sect was very small. He watered plants, planted vegetables and cultivated. He never concerned himself with the affairs of the sect so he had no idea when Shi Dixuan entered the sect or how Elder Yang offended him.

After he reincarnated into this body he didn’t obtain Elder Yang’s memories so he didn’t know if Shi Dixuan had already joined the sect or not.

Perhaps at this moment Elder Yang might have already offended Shi Dixuan?

Thinking up to this point, by conditioned reflex Yang Mu remembered the scene of Elder Yang being strangled to death. Covering his neck, Yang Mu suddenly felt he could feel someone squeezing his throat as he foamed at the mouth. Yang Mu’s fear of Shi Dixuan slammed back into his heart.

He was very grateful to the Heavens for giving him another chance to live in this word. But why make him reincarnate into this body specifically! With Shi Dixuan’s character, as long as someone offends him they will definitely be slaughtered!

So then what was the point of him returning to this continent?

Yang Mu wanted to cry without tears… Just as his heart was once again full of sorrow and beginning another cycle of self-pity over his inability to escape his tragic fate, he suddenly smelled the sweet fragrance from that final scene of the sect from his previous life.

It was just that when he smelled the fragrance in his previous life it made his heart throb. But now, other than being a slightly pleasing scent, his body had no reaction.

Sniffing carefully, the scent was actually being emitted from Elder Yang’s body. Yang Mu’s face changed colors… a big man would actually emit a perfume fragrance?

He couldn’t understand this physique at all… Shouldn’t this kind of natural fragrance be the special constitution of a female lead from a light novel? Why was this kind of physique attached to Elder Yang’s – no – he should say his body now.

Inhaling a deep breath of the sweet fragrance diffusing into the air, it smelled like spring flowers at the peak of their blossoming. So sweet yet so fresh and pure where one couldn’t help but want to take a deeper breath.

Even if Yang Mu’s heart was full of grief, he still had to go investigate this Elder Yang. After all, he did not have the Elder’s memories. Sending his divine consciousness into the storage ring on his hand, Yang Mu discovered a small bag.

The small bag was embroidered with gold thread creating a mystical pattern against the dark blue fabric. The mouth of the bag was tightly bound with a red rope.

Yang Mu was curious about the bag’s contents and untied the rope. With a loud whinny, a petite horse materialized in front of Yang Mu.

It was a fiery red steed with a silver collar around its neck. A long mane scattered down its back and a tail flowed down from between its buttocks. Its pair of eyes that should have been full of vigor were gray like they were covered by a layer of fog.

This caused the horse to look faintly ill and Yang Mu realized that the bag in his hands was the legendary beast satchel*. This horse was likely a beastman captured by Elder Yang…

The beast satchel was a device invented by humans to control beastmen and it was where cultivators stored beastmen when not using them. Once a beastman was captured by humans, if the human didn’t use the beastman, he would effectively spend the rest of his life trapped in the beast satchel.

The silver collar on the fiery red horse’s neck was a device created by humans to control beastmen. As long as a beastman wore the collar, they would lose their ability to think and be lambs to the slaughter.

Though fainter than earlier, the sweet fragrance was still floating in the air. The horse had been calmly standing on the ground for a while when it suddenly began to feel irritable and its eyes gained a reddish hue.

Yang Mu had raised kittens and puppies in his previous life but he had never raised a beastman before… Seeing the discomfort of the little horse, Yang Mu thought that the collar on its neck was making it uncomfortable or that it had been trapped in the beast satchel for too long and suddenly being exposed to the outside world was disorienting for the horse.

In his mind, he recalled the Shi Dixuan’s short temper and vengeful nature of his previous life and shivered. He took a few steps forward and unlocked the silver collar around the horse’s neck.

As soon as the collar unlocked, a blinding white light flashed. The adorably petite horse standing in front of Yang Mu suddenly mutated into a giant stallion… 

After regaining its size, the horse became incredibly handsome. It was just that its fog covered eyes were still red. Its hooves lightly tapped against the ground, like it was ready to bolt at any moment.

Yang Mu was wondering what was causing the horse’s irritated behavior when he inadvertently glanced down. Below the horse’s lower abdomen, a bright red phallus was partially unsheathed.

His eyes widened and he scrubbed at his eyes. That thing is actually an erection????

He was incredulous and the sweet fragrance in the air thickened again. The horse in front of Yang Mu immediately began to go berserk. It rigidly fixed its flushed gaze on Yang Mu and charged in his direction. In just a few hoofsteps it arrived in front of Yang Mu’s body.

Yang Mu was caught off guard as his mind was still overwhelmed with the flashing image of a phallus. Subconsciously, he ran away while simultaneously the sweet fragrance filling his nose became denser.

The horse chased from behind and Yang Mu fled ahead. Running laps around the large room, Yang Mu didn’t notice his body rapidly speed up to the point that the beastman most famous for its speed, the stallion, could not catch up.

After running several laps, the room was full of the sweet scent and Yang Mu was ready to escape outside. Suddenly, he thought of something… Grinding to a halt, Yang Mu turned around and flung the silver collar back around the horse’s neck. After a flash of white light, the giant horse morphed back into a petite stallion and he opened the beast satchel and shoved the horse inside.

In his heart, Yang Mu silently said, don’t blame me. I also had no choice. If I didn’t put you back in the beast satchel, it’s very likely I would have been the first person ever on this continent raped by a beastman in animal form… No, the people on this continent are so obsessed with beastmen’s jingye, maybe someone has tried to be topped by the animal form of a beastman.

Remembering the size of the horse’s cock from earlier, Yang Mu involuntarily tightened his chrysanthemum and goosebumps broke out all over his body. He shook his head, anyways he still couldn’t accept this kind of society.

He wanted to marry a wife and live a good life… 

Sitting on the bed, the sweet scent in the air had dissipated a little more.

Yang Mu breathed in the sweet fragrance and thought quietly. His reaction after smelling this scent in his previous life, the horse’s sudden estrus just now. Every time he became excited, the sweet scent immediately permeated the air… Connecting these pictures together, Yang Mu seemed to have made a discovery.

He recalled the scenes of Shi Dixuan torturing and killing humans in his past life again and his heart immediately tensed. As Yang Mu expected, the fragrance in the air increased again.

Yang Mu seemed to have come to an understanding… 

This Elder Yang didn’t wear perfume. Instead, he had a physique where he could not have emotional fluctuations because even the slightest intense emotion would cause him to emit a sweet fragrance comparable to an aphrodisiac.

No wonder the Elder Yang he saw in his previous life was always apathetic and expressionless. Never close to other people, he was like a machine everyday mechanically going through the motions with no emotion at all.

Now that he had transmigrated into this body, did it mean that he also inherited being cheated by this physique?

…So, he’s a big man with this kind of physique…??

Before he lived in desperate fear of Shi Dixuan and now his body carried an estrus-inducing fragrance.

Yang Mu was expressionless …Could he still apply to exchange bodies?

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*The term used is “禁欲系,” or a stereotype for an exceptionally beautiful and elegant man or woman who is extremely cold and restrained. They are considered less passionate in regards to their feelings but when they fall in love, they fall extremely deeply. “Ice Queen” is the closest English equivalent I could think of.

*Dabu pills: Not entirely sure what this references but could be 十全大补丸 (shiquan dabu pills) which is a type of traditional Chinese medicine. But for the context of Younger Brother, you can think of them as a super cultivation pill or tonic.

*Exact translation of “beast satchel” is a “beast control bag.”

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