Younger Brother Chapter 3

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Talking a big game is easy, but Yang Mu was also very clear that if he died again there’d likely not be another chance at rebirth. He must take good care of this small life of his… Although this estrus-inducing physique of his was slightly strange, living was more important.

Isn’t it just avoiding being too emotional? Yang Mu’s face collapsed, he’d just have to do his best.

Taking a few deep breaths of fresh air, he could tell that he was indeed at the residence of an Elder. The Spiritual Qi in the air here was much stronger than it was at the little broken house of his past life.

Pushing open the door, Yang Mu decided to go out and wander. Since he was just a minor laborer in his past life, he didn’t actually know much about the sect itself.

Without having inherited Elder Yang’s memories, he first had to familiarize himself to his new environment. Then he could get information from other people so he would be better prepared for the future.

The location of Yang Mu’s house was extremely isolated with only several species of flowers and trees planted in the surroundings. The lush vegetation and aroma of fresh flowers gave way to a rich, kaleidoscopic paradise.

Every once in a while, small birds would perch on one of the trees for a moment and call out. The crisp cries of their chirps rang out as melodiously as music. After resting on the branch for a while, the bird fluttered his wings and flew towards the far side of the courtyard.

Yang Mu watched with a blank face as the small yellow bird flapped its wings and flew away. With a leisurely glance, he sighed and shook his head. Thinking of the treatment beastmen faced on this continent, he felt that perhaps it was better not to awaken as beastmen at all.

Unawakened beasts. Ordinary humans would not bring them disaster beyond hunting and catching them for food. After all, in the eyes of cultivators, regular beasts are simply below their notice…

But if they awaken spiritual awareness, for beastmen, it is the beginning of an eternal nightmare.

Dying from excessive ejaculation, until he transmigrated into this world Yang Mu had only read about it in books but never seen it in reality. After coming to this continent and following Shi Dixuan, he has seen countless beastmen who were squeezed dry so fiercely by humans that in the end the beastman died from ejaculating.

Under humans’ pressure of constant kidnappings and widespread slaughter, beastmen were surviving on the edge of extinction, not to mention their deaths were all so… humiliating. It was no wonder that towards humans, beastmen were prepared to fight to the last man standing… Therefore, towards the beastman who murdered him in his past life, although Yang Mu believed himself to be completely innocent, he also did not hate that beastman too much.

Even though Yang Mu was angry at that beastman, Yang Mu thought that if he switched places with the beastman and was forced to masturbate by others and watch as one by one all his compatriots were milked to death by humans, although he might not hate the entire race, he would definitely also bear great resentment towards humans.

After all, except for ordinary humans who had no use for beastmen, when the rest of humanity was faced with beastman jingye comparable to dabu pills, no one could remain unmoved.

Elder Yang’s cultivation was already unmatched in the sect so even though Yang Mu didn’t inherit Elder Yang’s memories, Elder Yang’s muscle memory was unaffected. Yang Mu thought about summoning his flying sword in his heart.


A shining silver sword flashed with a loud soughing and appeared at Yang Mu’s feet.

Then soaring into the air, Yang Mu flew away.

At first he couldn’t balance himself and Yang Mu wobbled dangerously almost falling off the sword multiple times before finally learning how to stabilize himself.

Originally, Yang Mu didn’t know how to get to the main area of the sect from Elder Yang’s residence but standing atop the treasure sword he could see the surrounding environment clearly.

No longer hesitating, Yang Mu flew from his small residence to the main square of the sect with a swoosh.

Riding a flying sword wasn’t a skill he was able to learn in his previous life. Since he had the skill in this current life of course he had to use it a lot to comfort the previous sad feelings of only being able to walk on the ground and watch the gusting wind left from the soles of other people’s feet overhead.

Humph, he is also a person who can use flying sword techniques!

When he arrived at the square, Yang Mu happened to see a sect disciple rushing forward with a rabbit in his hand.

Because Yang Mu suddenly jumped down, the other party almost smacked headlong into Yang Mu’s body.

Looking up, the disciple saw Yang Mu’s face and was so frightened he immediately kneeled down.

“This disciple inadvertently offended Elder Yang. This disciple asks Elder Yang not to blame the disciple.”

Seeing the disciple’s expression like he was confronted by a ghost, Yang Mu almost touched his face in depression. It’s not like he hadn’t looked into a mirror. Elder Yang is also a handsome man with a face like jade and silky black hair. As soon as this person sees his face, does he have to act like he met a ghost in the middle of the day?

In fact, part of the disciple’s fear of Yang Mu stemmed from a guilty conscience. 

Although Yang Mu’s body was not tyrannical, it was not a kind person either. With a frozen face, Elder Yang never showed others a smile.

He had a pair of phoenix eyes but they were often narrowed. Seeing those gloomy eyes, other people would shiver in fear.

Whenever he saw the sect disciples returning with beastmen they’d caught, if the beastman’s aptitude was slightly higher Elder Yang would come straight over. His blank face and flat tone of voice would tolerate no rejection.

Someone once rejected Elder Yang and their ending… haha.

It took all the disciple’s effort just to catch this beastman with a fairly decent aptitude but he didn’t expect his luck would be so abysmal that he actually met Elder Yang in the square.

If it wasn’t for the sect rules banning everyone except the sect leader and elders from using flying swords within the sect, he would have already flown back to his residence.

Yang Mu was lost in his thoughts and didn’t pay any attention to the words of the disciple who looked at him like he was a ghost. The disciple saw that Yang Mu’s face was still sullen but his phoenix eyes which were usually narrowed were open this time and seemed to hold a divine light that could compel other people. The tails of his eyes were raised and the bottomless dark eyes caused the disciple to be unable to look directly at Yang Mu.

The disciple’s face gradually turned pale. He gritted his teeth and, with a bit of reluctance, handed over the beastman in his hands to Yang Mu: “The beastman that this disciple caught today, please accept it.”

Huh? You’re rushing to give this beastman to him? Aren’t beastmen what you disciples desire the most in your daily lives?

For Yang Mu, beastmen were comparable to a time bomb. If one day Shi Dixuan saw that he was surrounded by so many beastmen and thought he was also one of the greedy people craving beastmen jingye, how could he possibly retain his life?

There is already a beastman in his beast satchel… thinking of the horse’s sluggish demeanor, Yang Mu startled. Did Elder Yang already do something to this beastman?

The little rabbit stared at him with red eyes as if he’d already foreseen his tragic future, hopelessly apathetic.

His heart ached… Yang Mu felt his heart suddenly soften. If the rabbit was in his own hands, he obviously wouldn’t do anything to the rabbit. But if it was in the hands of this disciple… Yang Mu looked the disciple up and down.

En, it looks like he wanted this beastman’s jingye. Yang Mu just couldn’t understand it. This rabbit was so tiny, even if there was jingye to be had, would it even be enough to fill the gaps between his teeth?

Then Yang Mu remembered another saying, even mosquito meat is still meat. Even if there was just a single drop of jingye, this disciple must be desperate to swallow it into his stomach, right?

After hesitating for a while, Yang Mu took the rabbit away anyway. Stealing other people’s things left Yang Mu a little embarrassed but for the fate of this rabbit’s future, Yang Mu waved his hand with a cold face and an imposing manner, “You can leave.”

As if he just received an imperial pardon, the disciple ran so quickly that a cloud of dust formed under his feet as he disappeared.

Yang Mu: “…”

He lowered his head and stared at the little rabbit whom he had snatched from another person’s hands. The little rabbit’s eyes were still moist. It had attained spiritual wisdom and heard about the heinousness of human beings from other beastmen as well as having personally witnessed it.

So now, being passed from one human’s hands to another’s arms, for this rabbit it was just exchanging torturers.

Seeing the despair in the rabbit’s eyes, Yang Mu reached out his hand to scratch its ears. The fur under his fingers was warm and silky which quickly made Yang Mu fall in love with the feeling of running his fingers through it.

He understood that this rabbit was spiritually aware and now keeping it, he mourned his future.

But since Yang Mu had already taken the rabbit, he would definitely raise it to be plump and white. He would rather let it return to nature than give it to other humans.

That includes the stallion in his beast satchel…but right now he had no idea where to place the horse except for the beast satchel. When he found a suitable place he would definitely not leave the stallion trapped in the beast satchel.

Of course, Yang Mu would do this because he is a compassionate, honest and beautiful man. Another reason is…if Shi Dixuan really wants to shred him alive one day, maybe he would give these beastmen some face and spare his life?

He is still so young… he doesn’t want to die yet! He still hasn’t married the lady of his dreams yet ah!

Besides, whether it’s choking to death or being ripped apart by hand, both of these methods of death are extremely painful… 

Holding the rabbit in his arms instead of shoving it into the beast satchel, Yang Mu unexpectedly learned from a passing disciple in the square that the Jade Peace Sect* was currently recruiting new disciples.

Yang Mu’s eyes lit up and he prepared to join in on the fun. Anyways now that he had superb skills, he was exceptionally bold. As long as the sect leader doesn’t appear there is no tiger in the mountain and the monkey is king!

Yang Mu thought ‘til this point and paused, oh, also as long as Shi Dixuan doesn’t appear… 

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*Opinion question: Would y’all prefer English or pinyin translations of the sect name? (Jade Peace Sect vs YuAn Sect)

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