Younger Brother Chapter 1

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Yang Mu was one of the most ordinary youths of the 21st century. His life was extremely typical and boring. Everyday he was either skipping class to read light novels in his dorm room or when he didn’t skip, Yang Mu would be sleeping to the lullaby of the teacher’s droning voice in class. 

But even in his dreams, Yang Mu never thought he himself would be like a character in one of his novels and actually transmigrate.

It’s just that the newly transmigrated Yang Mu had extremely large ambitions. His mind was full of those transmigrated protagonists who caused shocking sensations across the world with every move.

He, too, was ready to make his own achievements on the continent after his transmigration and joined a small sect but the end result was that the spiritual root Yang Mu had was too terrible to look at.

All of a sudden his grand ambitions of being a protagonist popped and burst with a “plink.” Yang Mu was assigned by the sect to a remote mountaintop to work as a laborer… everyday, he ported barrels of water and planted vegetables for the sect. In other words he lived a rather carefree and relaxed life. 

Even if he was ambitious, Yang Mu knew without the strength to back up his ambitions his only option would be death. At the time someone else killed him, he wouldn’t even know how he died.

He still practiced the cultivation methods of the small sect but no longer dreamed of being extremely strong. He just hoped for longevity, safety and health.

Maybe the heavens had a special hatred for him that they would not grant Yang Mu even this simple desire for a calm life.

One day after Yang Mu returned from the market after purchasing some common items, he was faced with an extremely terrifying and bloody scene at the sect.

The corpses of cultivators were strewn across the ground, many of which were lacerated and torn. Blood sluggishly flowed from gashes on the corpses and spread across the ground outlining a garish painting of blood and gore.

The air was filled with a cloying bloody stench.

Yang Mu’s sharp eyes even caught sight of the corpse of the sect leader soaking in a pool of blood. Upon closer inspection, the pool of blood was seeping from the sect leader’s body itself.

In this scene of obscenity, calling the sect a field of corpses would not be the slightest exaggeration.

Yang Mu looked at the terraced pavilion which had been smashed to pieces. Normally it was vibrant and full of people but now it was lifeless and even the protective formations surrounding it were deactivated.

He stared at the murderer clothed in the uniform of a sect disciple again. Obviously it was just an ordinary white robe but when worn by this person, it outlined his slender figure and tall stature.

Even when he was just standing there quietly, the overbearing momentum of the man was enough to inspire fear in people. Even with the man’s back facing himself, Yang Mu could feel the innate fear in his heart.

Looking slightly lower, the man’s white, jade-like fingers were covered in a dazzling red that slowly dripped down to pool on the uneven ground.

That was human blood. 

At that moment, the man suddenly moved. His white, jade-like fingers curled into claws and gently stretched towards a stone. His posture was extremely elegant and although the back of the man did not look very old, his movements had the airs of an immortal.

Then a person was dragged out from behind the stone. Suddenly, Yang Mu smelled a sweet scent. The scent was like the slender, jade hand of a woman gently teasing his lower body causing him to suddenly have a fierce outburst of lust.

Because the sweet fragrance was still relatively faint, even though it hooked Yang Mu it was not strong enough to impact his rationality.

When the shaft on his lower body threatened to rise, he forced it down. Before he had a chance to analyze the source of the scent, Yang Mu witnessed a scene that scarred him for life.

Standing not far from Yang Mu, the man constricted the neck of the person he had caught. Yang Mu’s eyes widened when he recognized the person as “Yang Mu” the elder to whom he shared both his sect and name.

Elder Yang’s normally cold face was flushed as he struggled fiercely in a vain attempt to escape the claws of the man who grasped him.

Slowly, he gave up the struggle. His normally deep and sharp phoenix shaped eyes were clenched into slits as he glared with eyes full of hate.

If eyes could kill, Elder Yang’s gaze was like thousands of needles trying to stab the man into a sieve of bloody holes.

The person in front of him was clearly unimpressed with Elder Yang’s murderous gaze. With a gentle squeeze, a crisp “crack” rang out and the elder slowly dropped from the man’s hands and motionless, fell silently onto the ground.

The man took out a clean handkerchief and wiped the blood from his hands onto the snow white cloth and then carelessly tossed the cloth onto the ground.

The bright red streaks were a shocking contrast against the white of the handkerchief.

Yang Mu had never seen death since he transmigrated. Not to mention the peaceful 21st century he lived in before transmigration, he had most definitely never seen such a bloodily violent spectacle before.

The corpses of cultivators surrounded them, and having just witnessed the cold murder of another human being treated as casually as stepping on an ant, his legs went soft.

His eyes drifted back to the white handkerchief and felt like they were being stabbed by the red streaks. Yang Mu violently recovered and willed his soft legs to turn and run towards the gate of the sect.

At that moment, the man turned around.

Yang Mu finally saw the man’s appearance clearly.

It would not be excessive to describe the man’s face as carved from jade. The upright space between his brows added a trace of perseverance to the man and his features looked as if they had been carved from a knife. 

His black, shoulder length hair danced in the breeze. A hint of red light seemed to be present deep in his mysterious dark eyes making people shudder.

The man’s eyes slightly narrowed as he stared at Yang Mu. Yang Mu felt like he could feel the physical manifestation of the man’s killing intent upon his body.

Seeming to be dissatisfied with only looking at Yang Mu from a distance, the man leisurely walked towards Yang Mu.

Yang Mu felt like he was going to cry. In his mind, he saw his own tragic demise. His calf twitched slightly as each of the man’s steps felt like the man was trampling on his heart, making him tremble.

“Bam.” The man finally came to a stop in front of Yang Mu as Yang Mu’s head was sweating fiercely.

“Don’t… don’t kill me.” Yang Mu’s lips trembled as his heart was nearly desperately begging. It wasn’t that Yang Mu didn’t want to say more but the tremors wracking his body were so severe that even his teeth were chattering.

Yang Mu, who had lived a peaceful and mediocre life twice, has never once encountered such an extreme life and death situation.

“You d-don’t, don’t kill me. I, I-I… can make you good food.” Yang Mu tried to use his most sincere gaze to move the man.

Although he already clearly knew in his heart that those novels where people saved themselves through pleading gazes were full of nonsense.

“I won’t kill you.” The man finally opened his mouth. His voice was low and magnetic and when he spoke it sounded gentle as if he was speaking to a lover.

It’s just that this gentleness terrified Yang Mu from the bottom of his heart. Isn’t this person simply abnormal?

Is he not going to kill him because he wants to do something even more vicious? For example, chopping off his hands and feet and then force feeding him chilis and then sprinkling chili water over the dismembered limbs… 

After generating a ten thousand word story of the ways the villain will viciously kill the small, hapless person, Yang Mu’s shivering became more severe. He was like a small boat drifting in the sea during a storm; constrained by the whim of the waves and in danger of capsizing at any moment.

“Leave or follow me from now on,” the man lightly said. He stood up and suddenly appeared handsome and completely unlike the murderous demon from before.

Not going with him is likely to lead to death… or something even worse than death… Yang Mu began to analyze his situation and said decisively: “I’ll follow you!” Regardless, protecting his small life is what is the most important.

“En.” The man nodded, spat out a sentence, “My name is Shi Dixuan. Wait for me at the foot of the mountain,” and flew away.

In the brief moment when he turned away, Yang Mu seemed to see a vigorous black “王”* flash on Shi Dixuan’s forehead full of a mysterious and domineering aura.

After Shi Dixuan left, Yang Mu collapsed onto the ground and used his sleeve to wipe at the sweat on his forehead. When he raised his head, he was eye level with a corpse. Shocked into shivering again, he ignored his weak legs and ran down the mountain.

Because he could never be a protagonist, he had thought being a lazy passerby was also pretty good. Who would’ve thought that sudden disaster would come in the form of a villain striking, leaving his only path forward as a younger brother.

The key point is that there is a brutal, bloodthirsty person above him… Yang Mu sincerely felt that there was a blade hanging over his neck that could drop at any time.


Since then, Yang Mu embraced his new lifestyle as a younger brother.

While he began this new life with fear and trepidation, after a while Yang Mu discovered many things.

For example, Shi Dixuan was actually a beastman. He slaughtered the sect because his parents were murdered by the people in the sect. For example, Yang Mu was not the only person Shi Dixuan spared that day.

He only killed the people he thought deserved death and spared the people who had helped Shi Dixuan, though some of that help was so minor it was not worth mentioning whatsoever.

But even so, it could not change the cruel and bloodthirsty image Shi Dixuan had imprinted in Yang Mu’s heart. Every time he saw the man, his legs still went soft.

There is no other way, Shi Dixuan is a head taller than him and thus was always looking down on him. From time to time, his black eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty red light and the vigorous black “王” character on his forehead became faintly discernible carrying a strong sense of oppression with it.

Shi Dixuan always gave Yang Mu the kind of feeling he would find written in a light novel — gazing scornfully upon the common people, the emperor who controls the life and death of the world. That kind of feeling.

And Yang Mu has seen Shi Dixuan’s indifference as his hands ripped apart humans more than once. Granted, all of those humans had been evil-doers who specialize in the capture and torture of beastmen.

But ripping apart humans by hand!!! This reminded Yang Mu of the shredded chicken, shredded duck, shredded goose… and also the famous shredded devil*.

Cruel, terrifying, bloody… these words are all synonymous with Shi Dixuan.

Yang Mu is always worried for the day when Shi Dixuan is not careful and accidentally tears him apart.

The only thing that provided Yang Mu with a little bit of amusement was that after he learned that Shi Dixuan was a beastman, he remembered a certain piece of news he once heard from other people.

The beastmen are a race that everyone on the mainland is fighting over. No one knows which person discovered that a male beastman’s jingye acts as a great supplement to human cultivation but since that discovery the world began fighting over possession of beastmen.

No matter how you “consume” it, whether orally or not, as long as the male beastman’s jingye dissolves within your body, your cultivation will substantially increase in a way incomparable to regular cultivation pills.

How could this not make the humans of the mainland go crazy?

They captured the male beastmen and sent armed forces to suppress and kill the elderly females. They then prepared to raise and breed the captive young.

It’s a pity that very few beastmen could develop spiritual awareness. Even if both parents are spiritually aware, the child may be born as just a common animal.

In this way, the number of beastmen steadily declined. Even if a powerful beastman appears from the beastmen tribes, they are always caught by stronger humans and locked in a small black room*.

As for what is done to that beastman, everybody understands.

Jingye can make people’s cultivation increase exponentially, this is really unscientific! The function of Shi Dixuan’s jingye must be almost the same as the invincible dabu pills*?

So when Yang Mu faced Shi Dixuan on one hand his legs would go soft, while on the other he would secretly make fun of Shi Dixuan in his mind. That feeling was really too exciting! It was on par with attending class and listening to the perverted dean lecture on and on while silently dissing her in his heart, that same level of stimulation!

It was just that every time Shi Dixuan’s indifferent gaze passed by, Yang Mu would silently turn his head away.

He’s guilty after all.

Shi Dixuan takes the welfare of his younger brothers extremely seriously. There is never a shortage of elixirs or weapons.

Although he was worried every day that his head would be “snapped” off his body or he’d become shredded chicken, as long as he didn’t anger Shi Dixuan, his day to day life was actually very good.

Just when Yang Mu was beginning to feel like this kind of life was pretty good, he was killed by another younger brother of Shi Dixuan.

This younger brother was a beastman newly rescued by Shi Dixuan from the hands of a human who almost tortured him to death. He bore an extremely strong hatred of all humans in his heart. After he recovered, his hateful gaze was constantly pinned to Yang Mu’s back.

Because among Shi Dixuan’s gang of younger brothers, Yang Mu was the only human… 

Initially, Yang Mu had never cared about this… but at the moment of his death he complained in his heart. What kind of hatred did he have with this younger brother? What grudge was there? Other humans were obsessed with beastmen’s jingye but he didn’t care for it at all!

Who wants to put that in their mouth, it’s still a man’s jingye! That part of a male beastman is exactly the same as his own!

In both of his lives he’d never done anything bad! He even did his best to cherish flowers and grass! 

In this way, he died full of grievances…

Yang Mu’s faltering hand tried to rise as he looked at the hatred filled beastman before his eyes. Before he could raise his hand with his last breath, Yang Mu’s soul returned directly to the homeland. 

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*王 (wáng) is a common surname in Chinese. It is translated as “King” and is often associated with the marks found on a tiger’s forehead.

*There is a pun here as Yang Mu is saying that Shi Dixuan is “手撕人” or literally hand shredding people which uses the same characters as the dishes “手撕鸡” (hand shredded chicken), “手撕鸭” (hand shredded duck), and “手撕鹅” (hand shredded goose). He then continues the pun with “手撕鬼子” which is a reference to an extremely famous and controversial TV series, “抗日奇侠,” where a Chinese soldier literally rips a Japanese soldier in half.

Shredded Chicken
Shredded Duck
Shredded Goose
Shredded Japanese soldier (devil)

*Quoting rainbowturtle from This Omega is Immune to All Abilities: “Small black room: plot where some guy gets kidnapped and smut occurs”

*Dabu pills: Not entirely sure what this references but could be 十全大补丸 (shiquan dabu pills) which is a type of traditional Chinese medicine. But for the context of Younger Brother, you can think of them as a super cultivation pill or tonic.

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